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Thanks Moo re; the shirt.


Lanvin sneaks not the right choice in hindsight but I thought the GAT's we're good. :)

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Elisix i think you need to start wearing boots (or wool pants).  The chinos you always wear are too casual but not casual enough for sneakers, if that makes sense... like dressy jacket, casual t-shirt, dressy wool pants, and sneakers works, and casual jacket, tshirt, jeans, and sneakers works, but chinos and a tucked-in oxford are in an awkward middle ground and look weird with the sporty lux thing the lanvin sneaks have going on.

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Noted. Thanks.

I'm still not sure there's anything wrong with the first fit even though I am wearing chinos and sneakers.

However I acknowledge that the Lanvin sneakers were a poor choice with the cords in the second fit.

If I was wearing my snuff Alden boots the second fit would have been infinitely better.
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mMBtxAG.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

markus luper
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Y's for men dark grey striped suit in rayon/wool blend, thick and soft with nice drape
Ute ss12 linen bag
vintage op
reinhard wool
uniqlo tee

also went to check out this robe, aw13 look11, it's quite regal :-)

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Whelp, there's the next fit battle right there.
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shahpatisran killed it
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i really dig the glasses shah, and the fit is icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I know this has been answered over and over again, but I'm curious-- to get the oversized look, are Yohji jackets simply cut a size or two "bigger," as in every dimension is oversized, or are just some of the proportions enlarged while others stay more true-to-size?

In other news, Shah does Yohji mad well
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dat face.
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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

that stretch in Grace of So Real, Hallelujah, and Lover, You Should've Come Over is pretty amazing. don't know how into modern classical you are, but I've been listening to this live Philip Glass performance on repeat as I work lately. has some of my favorite pieces, and it's cool to hear him play his own work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_jDwx9TYo4

got to meet mr. shah on his trip to NYC. very nice, very intelligent, and far older than anyone probably would imagine. he's got to be at least 75. he doesn't look it though. something about a side effect of subcellular crystallization that keeps him looking young.
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robe fit is one of the best ever posted here
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I'm reminded of a wonderful dream I had recently in which I was sitting outside a taco truck aptly named 'El Diablo', enjoying a Pabst. I had the pleasure of meeting His Shah-ness, and Tween and Bows1 were present as well. There was conversation, laughter, and fine fabrics. Time stood still. I remember a fleeting image of foliage... a forest perhaps? And then I woke up.
(with a splitting headache)
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Finally motivated to post something.




Pure Blue Japan 

Saint Laurent Paris

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fantasteek, shah! you have a face!!!!!!!

kg badass as always, too
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