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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

Seems like no one was quite sure where you guys we're supposed to hide.


However, it has the added benefit of making bows' fit look even better by comparison...

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Uniqlo, hickey, club Monaco, lvc, cp
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great pic, bows.
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really like your take on "modern jesus"!  i'm a big fan of Portugal. The Man.  your voice couldn't be more opposite than the higher/almost falsetto singing in the original but i really dig your take on it.  nice change!

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

So, despite my earlier outburst, I decided to keep the robe, and after wearing it around am pretty happy with it.



Anyone know what pants these are?

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there's a chance synth would
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Transit Uomo
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photo ba2024a6-3617-4d86-bfa7-79ca89398871_zpscf607ccc.jpg

Warning: Spoiler! - Brands (Click to show)



Wings & Horns



photo 39449acc-e188-40d4-a937-d6d2d2d322cb_zpsd392902b.jpg

Warning: Spoiler! - Brands (Click to show)



- Need's Alden Chukka's or similar. 

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Shoes don't work with either outfit. Bottom shirt is cool.
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Don't you know that GATs go with everything?!
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Thanks Moo re; the shirt.


Lanvin sneaks not the right choice in hindsight but I thought the GAT's we're good. :)

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Elisix i think you need to start wearing boots (or wool pants).  The chinos you always wear are too casual but not casual enough for sneakers, if that makes sense... like dressy jacket, casual t-shirt, dressy wool pants, and sneakers works, and casual jacket, tshirt, jeans, and sneakers works, but chinos and a tucked-in oxford are in an awkward middle ground and look weird with the sporty lux thing the lanvin sneaks have going on.

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Noted. Thanks.

I'm still not sure there's anything wrong with the first fit even though I am wearing chinos and sneakers.

However I acknowledge that the Lanvin sneakers were a poor choice with the cords in the second fit.

If I was wearing my snuff Alden boots the second fit would have been infinitely better.
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mMBtxAG.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

markus luper
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