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mmm / silent / zb / cdiem
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art, that red leather is sick. love it.
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someone less lazy should post this in the best of
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jealousy level rising.......
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prvs lvl

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Art, Red margiela 5 zip drool.gif

Toj looks really great lesamourai. Are the boots suede or reversed?
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Beware, this will be off-topic since no lift-bragging here..

Taking advantage of biz trip in Poland to visit Krakow and surroundings, and to dive into History. Yesterday went to Aushwitz and Birkenau, and thought i wouldn't make it back from the abyss... no words..

Today on a lighter note I stayed in Krakow.


Allsaints, Three animals tweed biker pnts, alden and cobblestones



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Originally Posted by lesamourai View Post

Goddamn, need deets
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I had to reread that 8 times

post got deleted bloop
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When I looked like this:


I had about 1100 total for the big three. Nothing special I'm sure, but good times.

Now I lift my kid and squat on toilets.
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ITT: jackets are back. been a long summer.
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^ Yesss

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a lot of kumagai
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