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bro nobody likes that bulky shit no more this aint the 90s

i've had chicks say that to me too and it's definitely bc i'm vascular...i never see the swole juiceheads at the pool with any chicks maybe they like that in NY i dunno

countdown to brad saying stfu already lol8[1].gif
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i can believe those stats

i was able to do 90s dbells in HS when i was lifting for strength, did 95 dbells while my flat was garbage. Jet probably has brolic shoulders relative to pecs. I have the same skew

Dlift is pretty soft though. Cant really say much for that
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there are ways to be big and vascular. i have phone cords running through my chest (and liver probably).

yeah, my wife thinks i look best around 215. i prefer 245
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I got way more attention from ladies when I was like 145lbs. Now that I'm 195lbs at 5'7" I feel like a smaller amount of girls appreciate that bulk. Girlfriend loves it and I feel practically married at this point, so mostly just doing whatever makes me happy. Although I'm considering cutting down to 175lbs after this weightlifting meet just to see if I prefer being a leaner lifter.
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Ran into Gbear tonight.
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yeah i will cut to 230 now, too old to be 250 plus
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exactly, you gotta do what makes you happy, being lean with some bulk and veins on top of my biceps is the perfect combo for my tastes

hopefully when the weather cools off the gym will be less packed and i can get my squat up to 315 by spring and deadlift at least that much but i'm not trying to break records i just focus on proportions

i have two gangster (literally) homies at the gym who bench 365 and 405 but they can't lift shit on anything else bc all they do is bench
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teenagers are awesome at 3 inch squats and daily benching
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i love seeing guys get 2x bigger in two months than they have in two years and then overhearing them talk about hgh
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Jet is a macho musclepumping crying god!
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Guys, save it for Bodybuilding Forum
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^thanks for the advice noob!
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going to start with flat bench this week just for you baby and report back

get online dick
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tmmrw, got kids' football at 830
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So happy were talking about lifting in this thread. Too many frail dudes here (myself included)

I know being skin and bones is good for fashions, but fuck that
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