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wait, what if that is stitch's natural relaxed pose, and placing his arms by his sides would take considerable strain? would you want to see him suffer? for waywt? psssh
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the first 50 times the pose was ok, but now it's ridiculous. someone make a .gif -- the endlessly buttoning man.
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Stitches pose is quite regal , just wish there was more yarmulke action in the shots !
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post


this is a really fun pic , hope you had some bubble gum or cotton candy :-)
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Looks great Synthese.

They're sold out of the dark green Barena size S on Yoox frown.gif

Wonder what the other colours are like. The green looks quite subtle anyway.
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^I got the "steel grey" and it's really sort of a marled charcoal. There was one left in Small yesterday. Happy with it.
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Feel free to ignore tegers suggestion stitch
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recent purchase (thanks derk!)





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n/m original comment

penanceroyaltea you always look perfectly casual

derk not a fan of the tied sleeves hanging but only because they look like they're underneath the tee layer -- I don't get it.
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Originally Posted by barrettdudley View Post

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nailed it!
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sup jacket weather

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Not sure that shirt complements your complextion. Might just be the foto. Nice fit though. V-neck sighting!
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Sorry for the awkward angle, I still haven't found a great place to take pictures at the new house.

Same as it ever was! Cloak / Schneider / BoO / Nudies / Buttero

Maybe plokhov will see this if he reads the forum for his interview !! shog[1].gifshog[1].gifshog[1].gif
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That Cloak jacket is still so good
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Crew neck all the time but I may have to pickup some vnecks from Everlane

That cement color is the best... its like violet/purplish to me

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