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Peir Wu shirt looks nice. nod[1].gif
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Bonus: My Christian Rock Album Cover Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Great stuff snow, definitely keeping an eye on peir wu.

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wish you'd talk more about the construction process. i know there were couple fittings ... some more details on the piece itself would be nice !
i know you know some secrets
and that ring
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snowman just killed it
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mrwalkntalk eek.gif
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snowman came to absolve SF of its sins

his denim phase was merely a test of our worthiness
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Snow is that blazer stuffed with padding? I feel like I'm missing something but at the very least I'd like it more with a different color shirt :confused:

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why do all these menswear bloggers take a photographer with them to do daily photoshoots for their fucking blogspot?
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While I can appreciate how much clearer the shots look, it just comes off so staged.

Belongs on look book IMO, not here. But who am I to say.

Looking good btw Casey.

SNS Herning
Country Road

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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

Thewho, you kinda look like a young Anthony Bourdain off-meth.

I think Thewho looks more like Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Jab, do you know how to play any of their songs?

or a young Adrian

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detail Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

peir wu
peir wu

i don't particular care for the colors but i have to commend you on the silhouette and fabric that really plays into the whole refined (modern) and tailored tech vibe, which is also present in peir wu's work.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Are you the guy from Mr. Walk N Talk?


Why yes, I am.


This is the best post I've read all year.

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Originally Posted by mrwalkntalk View Post

Blazer - Topman, Henley - 21 Men, Jeans - Zara, Shoes - Floyd, Bag - Veenu 


Check out my blog: http://www.mrwalkntalk.com


Do you wear your clothes more than once? I would like to see how big your wardrobe is! It must be huge, because you are a fast fashion blogger. Is everything is cheap and made in Bangladesh too?

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