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dat peir wu tip goddamn
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Peir Wu looking good snow! And the vandals are always nice biggrin.gif
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Thanks guys!
Yeah keep an eye out for what sp is stocking smile.gif
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that's sick D izzat what she was making you ?

solargarden i really like the relaxed look but agree with s'pope about the sneakers. but if you're comfy then great :-)

also forgot to say diniro that's nice stuff
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Yup, I had to get the arms on the blazer without the thermore padding because I'm too ripped (lol) for my own good!
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walkntalk- Brutal.
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mrwalkntalk, you are a great photographer! I like the way you've captured that model's personality just through his body language and facial expressions alone! And the lighting is superb.

I've noticed you always photograph the same model though. Have you thought about finding another one? Perhaps one who doesn't wear such awful tacky clothing? Some variety in your models might give your photography blog a dash of pizazz.
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Peir Wu shirt looks nice. nod[1].gif
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Great stuff snow, definitely keeping an eye on peir wu.

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wish you'd talk more about the construction process. i know there were couple fittings ... some more details on the piece itself would be nice !
i know you know some secrets
and that ring
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snowman just killed it
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mrwalkntalk eek.gif
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snowman came to absolve SF of its sins

his denim phase was merely a test of our worthiness
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