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Did... did you switch the watch from left to right arm?
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Originally Posted by mrwalkntalk View Post

Sporting a baseball cap for the start of this Fall Season

See full blog post: http://www.mrwalkntalk.com/2013/09/04/memory-lane-knit-tee-tweed-cap/

I don't know why you continue to hang out with Dan from Calgary. The man is a scumbag. Sooner or later he will drain you of both your money and your trust.

Seriously, last time I hung out with the guy, he ordered like six rounds of drinks for everyone at the bar and then "forgot his wallet" when the time came to pay the tab. A few weeks earlier, I went to use the bathroom and, when I returned, I found Dan trying to stuff my collection of vintage baseball cards into his pants. Seriously, Dan? I know you have a heroin addiction to nourish, but those cards have been in my family for ages. Surely you could have tried to steal the television instead. Hell, I would have given you money if you asked. So yeah, be careful, mrwalkntalk. It's fortunate you ended the day with your tweed cap still on your head and not in the hands of some pawn shop.
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Originally Posted by mrwalkntalk View Post

Yes yes  I did, haha. Good eye!


Pretty sure the right photo has been flipped (mirrored) actually. 

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The cringe inducing way these "fashion bloggers" write is so similar they could all be clones... Not to mention that mall brand mannequin style.
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why are those lacoste sneakers? so cool! that alligator is so cute can't have enough of them on my clothes
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I like your hat. I like how it's not a team or a logo; it's just blue.

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Its because hes bald.
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think so,Eason, where's your shirt from? I need some solid colour shirts and that one looks good.


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Rapefruit, my 'kills it' comment was probably a bit too aggressive. I am a huge fan of Ervell and his simple look.

However in this case I just really love that dip dye sweat and I prefer the CP bball highs to MMM highs.
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unsure if this works or not. too hot to care



junya, cheap monday, yyph, nike


no junya (Click to show)


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Our Legacy
Bottega Veneta

photo 27f088c7-d0a9-452a-bdeb-4745d28151e7_zps2233fbb3.jpg


photo ad54a31e-43e3-4593-b094-6ce30208ac94_zpsbfc47bee.jpg
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mrwalkntalk- I think you look good bro. Don't even mind the gator. Didn't read your blog though.
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solargarden I'd like that a lot more with a plain black tee and shoes that were not... those. though they do kind of work in a weird way

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more of the same :)

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