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Our Legacy
Bottega Veneta

photo 27f088c7-d0a9-452a-bdeb-4745d28151e7_zps2233fbb3.jpg


photo ad54a31e-43e3-4593-b094-6ce30208ac94_zpsbfc47bee.jpg
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mrwalkntalk- I think you look good bro. Don't even mind the gator. Didn't read your blog though.
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solargarden I'd like that a lot more with a plain black tee and shoes that were not... those. though they do kind of work in a weird way

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more of the same :)

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detail Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

peir wu
peir wu

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now that's how you monochrome
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Snow-what are those kicks?
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raf nylon vandals biggrin.gif
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vandals look great snow!!!!
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thanks kg! great for the rainy weather here and in london icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post



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dat peir wu tip goddamn
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Peir Wu looking good snow! And the vandals are always nice biggrin.gif
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Thanks guys!
Yeah keep an eye out for what sp is stocking smile.gif
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that's sick D izzat what she was making you ?

solargarden i really like the relaxed look but agree with s'pope about the sneakers. but if you're comfy then great :-)

also forgot to say diniro that's nice stuff
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