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Auximenes, Valencia?
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I like the Alden's too but E you need to stop wearing two shirts. It might be an over shirt but its still a shirt it looks weird to be.
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Originally Posted by Fairbanks View Post

Auximenes, Valencia?

WOW i must say i'm impressed... Yes indeed, sir.. Been there already ?

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Yes, but never barefoot....sadly.
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well, barefoot within our villa, not in the public premises...

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What are the odds, I too pulled out my knit today. Feel bad for you guys in 90+ weather.

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why do you crazy people want summer to end?????
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because fall and spring are better than summer and winter.
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Snake: Schneider cardigan, but what are the pants?
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i want to say raf
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Pants are by Acne. Lightweight viscose material.
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TOTALLY OFF BASE shog[1].gif
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Is that the blue version of the Ijevan (or however it's spelled) snake?
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Oh shit, I forgot the Ijevan was a thing. Yeah, things were looking good back when everyone was wearing one of those.
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