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+1, black shoes look soo out of place with that fit
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Originally Posted by VirtruviusR View Post

Didn't bring any/study abroad = limited shoes, had to make due 

Scrape black shoes with steel brush and od brown afterwards.
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ixnwwmc.jpgWarning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

ann d bag
kva shirt
vtb tank
lanvin pants
mmm sandals
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Shirt so nice.
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Shirt/tank layering is so good, gotta look into vtb. How to size?
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that VirtruviusR shirt is a no-go for me; and hey, the black shoes might make sense if the shirt was something else, maybe just a blue ocbd
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thanks. redo size down. tees and tanks run about a size or two big from my experience.
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great look, kg. can i get some deets on that shirt/jacket thing? its very cool.
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

Challenged myself to wear blue jeans. Further challenged myself to wear boots with them instead of sneakers. Haha.
And yes I tried not cuffing and it looked bad so I don't wanna hear it


Also dogsitting

Also fit pic of dip dye sized up 2 that someone asked to see in the Geller thread
(was spoilered since I just posted a dip dye last week but ah fuck it)

looks great man
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stitches, its a hidden placket shirt with zip collar by kris van assche. not sure on the seaon but material/ fabric is a light silk cotton blend if I remember correctly.
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Kg, are those Lanvin biker pants?
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who, yes they are. the details on them are pretty cool too however i don't think they ( at least the fabric) are intended for riding though.biggrin.gif
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Awesome stuff melo and kg.

I want to see that Ann bag worn with the other strap devil.gif
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Tom Ford

Our Legacy



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