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Originally Posted by slstr View Post

Looks pretty good, but size up on the tee.
+1 I like the fit just needs a looser fitting t or tank to complete the non-chalant look you're going for.
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Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

Cole, those look fine. The combination in outfit looks good, and they work. People critiquing foot size based on static photos always escapes me- we know these photos don't capture everything, and anyone who has ever had something that looks awesome in life and bad in photos know how much of a difference not being on a computer screen makes.

Basically, your feet are fine. And you can safely ignore criticisms about foot size from websites.

haha. I feel you, thanks
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Only tangentially related, but I feel bad for guys who are genuinely big when it comes to wearing tank tops. For most ribbed tanks (AA, Uniqlo) I have to size up to XL to get a fit that's even slightly relaxed. Any smaller and they border on being to tight and/or short.
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Priority on comfort


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I think that'd look better if you rolled your pants, diglet. They make the oversizedness look sloppy.

p.s. what are the shoes?
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Pants didn't settle too well for the picture but I thought they looked pretty good with some movement. I'll try rolling 'em next time around. 


Shoes are guidi

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Originally Posted by Stackson View Post

Noctone - What's the details on the pants, brand and materials specifically.
Zam Barrett Z1 standards, painter's canvas. That specific pair was from this past season's sample sale.
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Trying to do my best w/ boring jawnz ...

annnnddd Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Nice colours, I don't like those shoes though, too shiny for the rest of the fit.
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hello everyone. first post :)



my fiance and reddit both hate the orange tank, genuinely curious what you all think...


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dana, gosha, dana, chucks

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Your fiancé is wise. Welcome.

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Your fiance and reddit are right. Plain white or maybe navy??? Not nuts about the color of the cons either, look a little too sickly yellow


Might just be the mirror/your posture but things are looking a little funky around your waist. Not very flattering god I hate that word

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Certainly don't like it how you're wearing it.

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orange tank is salvageable, just not with this fit.

also, either you have terrible posture or a belly, or the shirt's too tight.... whichever one's the problem, work on it. not trying to sound harsh.
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