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My nonnative cardigan came in. Too hot to wear it out just yet but I had to try it on. This is how I'll probably wear it, disregard wrinkly pants:
Nocturne as are one as most of that fit is the cardigan would be 10x better a size or two up
Ken p the sweater is amazing but in its current context it does look like an aging prep accidentally put on his bathrobe instead of a jacket I would like to see it with maybe a paisley shirt like premes from last season or maybe a white t and black jeans or a dark navy shirt and white pants and black boots
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I definitely agree—Noctone there is some awesome texture going on there but size up on the cardigan. A bit of slouch in it would make the outfit a lot better.

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First day of classes at SAIC today.

Lad Musician, Lad Musician, Common Projects.

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44. I'm looking to get some more relaxed pants (probably olive chinos) that would make my legs look more proportional to my feet. $80-$150 range, any suggestions?

still look huge bro, and the black/gray combo reminds me of some westerner wearing black pants and gray cowboy boots. (and the leather on those look cheap, considering i have a pair)

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excellent fit/couch matching, fishbones.
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Cole, those look fine. The combination in outfit looks good, and they work. People critiquing foot size based on static photos always escapes me- we know these photos don't capture everything, and anyone who has ever had something that looks awesome in life and bad in photos know how much of a difference not being on a computer screen makes.

Basically, your feet are fine. And you can safely ignore criticisms about foot size from websites.
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I am now 295 pounds. I made all of your lentil dishes and fed them to my dog.
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My dog is OK. Thank you for the PMs.
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In some countries, dogs are eaten instead of fed.
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Fishbones - I think a little extra inseam length would look better... a la Mellowfellow.
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First post, figure I should get this in before it stops being summer.






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Looks pretty good, but size up on the tee.

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slstr- It's actually a wifebeater (tank top/vest/singlet).

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You live in Chicago, no way in hell you walked outside like that (even in linen) in 100*+ humid swamp ass weather we had yesterday.

Noctone - What's the details on the pants, brand and materials specifically.

Abso-f&/$#ng-lutely dude. Put the jacket on only for pic. Cause a few days ago ppl complained about boring pant ir short + tee fit. Thats all.
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