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Levi's 317 Jeans Orange tab...need help

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I've lurked on here quite a bit, and always found some great info. I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help.

I was searching a local "farm type store" looking for jeans, Levi's specifically, and found an oddball. In the 505 section, they had a pair of 317s. I've never seen a pair like this, they appeared to be shrink to fit (had a shrink warning inside...I think said 10%), were a zip fly, seemed to be a higher rise, orange tab, very dark blue, and the tag on the outside said Made in the USA. The guy at the store said they got them in by mistake, never had seen a pair like them, and just put them in with the 505s. I did a search online, and besides vintage orange tabs, I couldn't find out much info about them. Did I stumble on a pair that was gathering dust at Levi's? Or do they regularly sell 317s? I couldn't find any on ebay or any online store, including Levi's, so I'm at a loss. Anyone ever see a pair of Levi's 317, or better yet own a pair? Thanks in advance!
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They are probably some form of the Levi's 517 bootcut jeans. either a mistake or foreign, but the "made in usa" and shrinkage advisory is strange.

i would call 800-USA-LEVI if you are in the US, or send them an email about it.

if they are indeed rare or valuable Levi's will prolly buy them from you.
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This guy seems to be wearing Levi's 317 jeans.

Have been sold on Ebay as well:
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Hey, talk about a blast from the past. Nice to see my old thread, and I thank you for the reply. Since I originally posted it, I have seen now and again some older 317s pop up on ebay. It is nice to know I wasn't seeing things when I was in that store that day.
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I saw your post about Levi 317's.  My Grandpa passed away around 6 years ago and I was going through some jeans my Grandma said I could have of his.  Inside were boxes of the same kind of Levis.  Orange tab and all.  Never seen them either??  I know he only bought american made and he had lots of money  so I doubt they are nock offs.  Anyways just thought you should know.  Jerry

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