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Help on fitting and wearing sharkskin jacket

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I picked up an odd sharkskin (I think) jacket in the sales today, it's from Crombie and apparently it's half canvassed. Seemed reasonable value for money, marked down from £395 to £95.

Firstly, I'd like to know what people think of the fit. It's a slim-cut 42R right off the rack, no adjustments have been made. Apologies for the poor lighting...

I think my backside sticks out a bit (that or my lower back's arch is too much for the jacket) and it might be a tad too tight across the shoulders, looking at the top photo. I have a 42 > 33 inch drop, so finding clothes that fit is very difficult.

I'd also like to hear some ideas on what one could wear with such a jacket. It seems fairly dressy to me, but I'd like to get a feeling for how far it could be worn more casually.

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That is absolutely a suit cloth and looks ... odd as an odd jacket. Seriously not recommended, if you care about such things.
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Ah, I've had a sneaking suspicion about this. Odd is the word that has been on the edge of my sub-conscious.

It was a rush purchase because I was tired of the sales assistant telling me how great I looked in everything, and I was pushed for time. I only have fairly basic knowledge about cloth and odd jacketing but knew somebody on SF would give me the bottom line.

Although I rushed it I prepared an escape - they said I had 14 days to think about it so tomorrow it can go straight back.

Although... if I found the trousers for it, what do you think with regards to the jacket fit please? Am I at least getting something right there?

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I hate to bust out the dreaded D-word but I see divots underneath the sleeve head on both arms. Unless it's just that the fabric was bunched up because your sleeves weren't tugged down, it may suggest that it's too large in the shoulders. Unbutton the bottom button. Aside from the fact that it's clearly not a sport coat, I don't think the fabric falls very nicely. Bunches everywhere.
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Agreed, the shoulders are a size or two too large. What is your complexion like? That gray on black on pink doesn't serve you well.
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I see what you mean about the divots. Maybe it's because the shoulders are quite structured on this jacket, I have broad shoulders but perhaps their slope is too different from the jacket's. The jacket definitely feels snug at the top, I couldn't even get into a 40.

I've got a medium complexion, brown / dark blonde hair. The pink shirt was the nearest one to hand at the time.

Anyhow, I've unbuttoned not just the bottom button, but both buttons, and have packed it back in its carry bag now.

Thanks so much for the advice, I've learned a lot for next time I go shopping. Feel a bit of a nit-wit now for picking this thing up.
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Looks nice, sorta like a Sviglia.

- B
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