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My shirts are killing me; alterations possible?

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I've had 10 or so shirts tailored the last few months and most have been back to the tailor because of upper arm tightness. The shirts duly return with more fabric in that area but they are still uncomfortable because (I think) the arm holes are cut too high or are just not roomy enough.

For example, on Monday I wore the newest of my shirts and the under arm seam is up against the arm pit. Not too much of an inconvenience in cool weather, but I suspect summer will be very uncomfortable.
This shirt has been washed only once. The others 3 or 4 times and they get noticeably worse.

Before I take back the whole lot (again!) and ask for this to be remedied, I'd like to know if it's an easy enough alteration for them to make or if it's even possible. As they are at present, I'm reluctant to wear them and very disappointed.

So over to you shirt experts with thanks in advance.
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You cannot make a dress shirt bigger, only smaller. Either lose lots of weight or ditch the shirts for more classic fitting ones. They will keep shrinking.
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Ditch the tailor....
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This never happens to me. Most of the time I'm annoyed because I have tons of slack in the sleeves, or the armholes are cut too low/big for me.
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This has happened to me before too. Attempting to "slim" the shirt then end up cutting the arm hole too high and then it "pokes" into the pit or if I'm wearing an undershirt it bunches that sleeve up. The reason why I think this might happen by accident is that when my tailor is pinching and pinning to mark where to take in the shirt, by the time it's cut and resewen it's probably up to a half inch smaller then the original measure, just a theory. As to what to do about it... Ask them to let it out as much as possible? split the cost? I would think it's relatively simple to undo the seam and restitch as close to the cut edge as possible. In future wash in advance a couple of times, and measure the pit/shoulder circumference or diameter on ones that fit you well and tell them to make it no smaller then that. I also usually give my tailor strict instructions to always leave extra fabric inside my pants when they're altered (about an inch each side and 2-3 at the hem) and at least a little on my shirts (1/4 inchx2 on each seam to the whole circumferance could be taken out an inch)
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which tailor is this, apple?
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Jantzen Hk
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fwiw, the last shirts I got from Ricky were very disappointing, and I probably won't have anymore made in the future.
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Well I think Ricky is let down by the staff he employs. The original shirt fit was done by the youngest member of staff and Ricky has had him sit and re-measure in front of me and yet the problem keeps repeating. When Ricky takes the measurements (as he did with my brother recently) the result is altogether different.

So, before I trudge back into Ricky and complain again, will he be able to make the arm hole bigger or am I stuck with these problems?
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If you were measured by the youngest (most inexperienced) staff member, why on earth did you commit to ordering 10 shirts? Should have gone with one first. Any good tailor worth his reputation would have done that.
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Gazman is right.

I have never met a tailor who hasn't made some effort to get a good fit before doing up a large order.

I have been getting my shirts from a group called ANS Fashions from HK (Kowloon, I think) for quite a while and they always send me shirt first before they do up the rest of them (I am in Australia), I mean it can be kinda annoying having to wait between the first shirt and the rest of them but completely worth it for a good fit.

Honestly if they were that bad what was the point, the main reason for buying tailored shirts, for me at least is that it is damn hard to find things that fit me. I probably would have changed my tailor by now if I had to put up with what you are going through.
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Oh dear, you guys don't read very closely do you?

I had the shirts made over a period on months, not all at the same time. First up had two made. Seemed ok until shrinkage.

Been back many times asking for shirt has been in 3 times.

the question remains though; is it possible for the arm hole to be altered to give me more room? It would be nice to know the answer before I go back in on the weekend.

Any shirt tailor reading here?
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Well I will accept that, I probably should stop skim reading, or at least learn to skim read better.

As far as I know, armholes are a pretty complex alteration. I have heard of people going from smaller arm holes to larger ones by picking the entire shirt up by the shoulders thus making the whole shirt shorter and the armhole circumference smaller. So adding more material there or letting it out a bit (if the material is there) might be possible on your shirt

That said, I am not a tailor so while it might still be possible, I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post
In future wash in advance a couple of times...

In cold water if you are not willing to get them dry cleaned/professionally laundered for the +/-HK$30 it costs here...
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