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Anyone else NOT have a blackberry/I-POD?

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Just curious to see if I'm in a very small minority.

I don't have any of those constant-internet access devices like the Blackberry or IPOD. Just don't feel the need. I do have a cellphone but no text messaging. My phone has a crappy camera only because they don't make 'em without one anymore.

Also don't have a Facebook account either. It's to me.
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I have a phone with internet capability but I have yet to use it.
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blackberry bold . use it for everything . work issued.
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Got a blackberry and an ipod but no TV.
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Had a blackberry; now have a Verizon Motorola Droid. Love it.
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This forum needs more members under 55.
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someone get me a bb been wanting to change my phone for awhile now but don't want to pay more for a data plan since they are more expensive now
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Did not until about 5 days ago.
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I got an iPhone.
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Originally Posted by shellshock View Post
someone get me a bb

you want one? i have an old blackberry curve that is still very functional and ok to use, just old. you need t-mobile sim card to use it. you can have it for free, just pay me the ship charge (7 or 8 bux i think)

it is the old method keypad, where you have to press a button three times to get the letter 'c' and so forth.
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I have neither a blackberry nor an Ipod. Most people think I am some kind of luddite for that reason.

I do have a phone that can access internet, and store music, as those features are bare minimums for phones these days, but I very very rarely use those features.
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An iPod is not an always-on net device. An iPhone is, and an iTouch is sort of a redheaded stepchild version.
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Don't have either. Having a blackberry = instantly uncool. Being that glued to your work/email/internet is lame.
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Nope, neither. I just have a basic cell phone with no web capabilities.
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I'm 24 and I don't even really know what this i-pod/phone/touch blackberry crap is. I didn't realize one could get internet in one's phone until a few months ago. Yes, I don't have many friends and I live far from the unclean cities you profane, materialistic creatures inhabit.
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