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What color/style of shoes??!!

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I'm doing an Alaskan cruise in 2 weeks and need a new pair of shoes to take along. I'd like to get something I can wear on casual nights w/khakis, as well as with my black suit on formal nights. Can I get away with only 1 pair and still be "in style"? If so, what color/style? Oh, and sock color should match shoe color, not pant color, right?
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I don't think you can get away with a single pair of shoes (apart from the fact that shoes should rest and dry out 24 hours between wearings). Get a pair of black cap-toe oxfords to go with your black suit and a pair of tan/brown loafers to go with the khakis. It is probably better to match your socks to your trousers than to your shoes as to avoid the look of a pair of booties. But that rule is not written in stone, you can be flexible in a casual outfit. (At least you will not have any decision-problems with a black suit and black shoes).
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cap-toe oxfords on a cruise? c'mon, you're on vacation man. get some black slip ons and some brown ones, and be done with it. as for the socks, i like them to relate to the color of my pants, but that's for you to decide.
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Matador: I hear you about the being on vacation part. But cruises are a bit different. Normally, the dining is formal, except for one night when they ask you to be casual. I went on a cruise with my wife a year ago and was glad I took my cap-toed oxfords. I agree with Bengal, take the oxfords and a pair of loafers.
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Stu - do you mean formal in the technical sense or usual sense ? I mean, were people wearing white dinner jackets and the works or just suits ? I do plan to go on a cruise so I'm a bit curious as to what people wear and what kind of people one will meet. B
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Bjorn: Formal in the usual sense, although there were people in tuxes and there was a tux rental place on the ship. I and the other men in our group wore conservative suits. I took a basic 3-button Navy Corneliani along and it worked fine. You probably wouldn't look out of place in a tux, though.
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