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Decent tailor in Athens GA?

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I've seen a couple other people here from Athens GA, can anyone recommend a decent tailor? No need for MTM (right now) or anything, just fairly basic alterations. Reasonably priced would be a plus, but I'll spend whatever I need to to find someone that won't screw up my stuff.
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I haven't found one yet...may be worth a trip to Atlanta
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That bad? Atlanta works out to a lot of driving to get the sleeves on a jacket shortened...
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any further input here? i also have not found a local tailor.
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There's a lady on Atlanta Highway near Mexicali that does good work, but I'm sure George Gibson's, Dick Ferguson's, or the guy on Alps can point you in the right direction.
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I went to the lady at Dick Ferguson's. She certainly put a lot of attention into making sure she got all the measurements and pinning right. Prices are good too, she's shortening sleeves and replacing all the buttons on one jacket for $30, and taking in the waist on another for $40. I pick everything up on March 11, will report in with the results. I brought in an unstructured and unlined Zegna and she wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. It had faux button holes which were stitched through and she didn't want to shorten the sleeves because of it, wouldn't do it from the shoulder either. Told me to try to one over at George Gibsons. She's a little tiny Asian woman, probably 70. A bit hard to understand if you're not good with Asian accents (she's Japanese I think).
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thanks guys, a few years back i walked into george gibson's with a suit purchased elsewhere and they were fine to hem the pants for me (that's all i needed on that one).

this go around there will be quite a bit more work - i plan on stopping by tomorrow and see if they can/will handle it or point me else where.

on a side note: i feel more comfortable with a male tailor altering a suit than someone with no first hand knowledge on the matter.
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I think Gibson's may be your best bet. I haven't been since Andy passed away, but they really knew their stuff.
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i went into gibson's yesterday to get an indochino suit altered. my buddy picked these out for his wedding, much better than making us rent baggy tuxedos.

$54 total for letting out the jacket body and taking in the waist.

they wouldn't alter the vest, stating it isn't an easy alteration and he wouldn't recommend it. so, i may have to take it to someone else, b/c it flares at the waist.

everything will be ready on friday, so i'll let you guys know how everything came out.
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I have used Barbara's Alterations on North Ave (in the rundown shopping center near the loop) for several years - I'm actually heading there this week. She's reasonably priced and skilled and has done the usual stuff for me, including waist and hems, and waist suppression in jackets. She also removed some shoulder padding in a sportcoat once, and reset the back of the collar on a TAT suit jacket to eliminate some ripples between my shoulder blades. Always satisfactory.
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I'm surprised at how many SFers are in Athens. Probalby the most per capita of any city?
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Update: she did a pretty good job, really no complaints so far. Sleeves shortened and buttons replaced for $25, nice clean sewing on all the buttons. They're in a nice straight line too, unlike the last idiot I went to. Other jacket: taken in at back seam, side seams, sleeves shortened, and button placement moved. She took a big sack that fit in the shoulders and make it look quite nice, and I can still move in it. I haven't worn it out yet, maybe something will come up. $60. Seems very reasonable. She's also done a couple repair jobs for me for no charge, when I had other work in. Nice.
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Atlanta is only about 1hr away, I suggest visiting some of the ATL tailors like Mario Bosco or Hong Kong Tailors
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I always drive up to Buckhead to see Mario. Dick Ferguson's house tailor seems to be pretty inexpensive, though. I might have to check 'em out.
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