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Raw denim is all about putting the highest quality into the most basic pant. Reigning Champ takes the same concept and applies it to tops. At Blue Owl we can't resist well-made clothing, and we're happy to announce that we now carry their sweaters and hoodies!


What we love about Reigning Champ is that not only do they produce with high quality fabrics, but they have their own factory, meaning they have tight control over the quality of the sewing. Produced in Vancouver, BC, some of the best sweater brands like Wings and Horns use Reigning Champ to construct their pieces.


Due to the fact that they are the producer, Reigning Champ has an unbeatable price point for the quality of sweater that they produce. Its simply the best basic available in North America for what you pay.


Reigning Champ uses slim, modern fits that have a clean look, but aren't skin tight. They are comfortable to throw on over shirts and button downs, but aren't baggy in any way. Blue Owl is happy to be stocking their Pullover Hoodie, Crewneck Sweater, and Zip Hoodie in Grey and Navy.
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Great call, Jay! I am a huge fan of Reigning Champ and think it makes a ton of sense for you. Any plans for a collab?
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Brand new limited edition denim from Naked & Famous has arrived, and it is a Blue Owl exclusive! This jean uses a truly unique 17oz sanforized herringbone denim that Brandon found hidden in storage at one of the mills he uses.  There was only enough of the fabric to make 21 pairs, and the denim can not be made again!


Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 17oz Herringbone Indigo/Indigo Limited Edition. 100% cotton, made in Canada. Size 28-36. $225. For more information, click here.


Here you can see the amazing weave of the denim. The herringbone pattern isn't visible from a distance, but you can see the details when you look closely.


The denim uses a thin black leather patch.


Gunmetal custom rivets and buttons are used alongside tonal black stitching to create a blackout effect against the deep indigo/indigo.


The red and white selvedge provides a nice contrast that stands out against the dark denim.


Here is a small sample of the denim that the Naked & Famous guys artificially distressed to see how the denim would pattern when faded.
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Wow. That's really interesting fabric.

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Wow. Very cool
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I am looking for a lighter belt for summer. Can you please tell me the difference better the Vermilyea Pelle in natural and the Tanner Goods in natural? Thanks!

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Just got my Japan Blue 'African Cotton' jeans and they're great. Nice lightweight fabric that feels almost stretchy (even though it's 100% cotton). Nice tapered fit that stacks beautifully. Detailing/buttons/fabric is all gorgeous. I'm really happy. Blueowl is probably my favourite online store to buy from.
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I am looking for a lighter belt for summer. Can you please tell me the difference better the Vermilyea Pelle in natural and the Tanner Goods in natural? Thanks!

The Vermilyea Pelle belt is much thinner, but also stiffer. The horse hide is one of the toughest leathers we've ever carried, but it should break in beautifully. Tanner makes great belts, they put a lot of work into finishing the belts with the highest quality. What it comes down to between the two is the leather stiffness, thickness, and the buckle design.
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Hmm I'm looking for recommendations for a pair of jeans similar to my current pair of size 30 spikes x012 (measured waist 32.5", little loose, thigh, 22.5", knee 7.75"). My ideal measured waist would probably be 31.5"-32", rise 10"+, and 8"+ knees. My biggest issue with my current pair is the knees (it's a little tight when I sit/crouch). If it helps, I'm 5'5" and I'd have to get it hemmed anyways. Thanks!

Edit: Decided to try out 3sixteen's SL-120x
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Naked & Famous F/W 2014: First Release - - - "Weird Guy" 13oz Selvedge Chino in Burgundy

The first of our Naked & Famous FW14 collection has arrived. Introducing the Weird Guy 13oz Selvedge Chino in Burgundy. Two years ago we collaborated with Naked & Famous on a red chino, and we still get customers asking for this one to come back as the color was easy to coordinate and wear. Finally N&F has decided to make a similar red, and this time as part of the their regular line up. This red fabric is very similar, but in a slightly darker color that allows for more year-round wear.

Naked & Famous "Weird Guy" 13oz Selvedge Chino in Burgundy. 100% cotton, made in Canada. Size 28-38. $150. For more information, click http://www.blueowl.us/product/naked-and-famous-weird-guy-13oz-selvedge-chino-in-burgundy/

Black leather patch.
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Naked and Famous - New Fall/Winter 2014 Items

Two more items from the FW14 collection recently arrived. A "Skinny Guy" Stretch Corduroy in Burgundy, and a "Slim Shirt" with a Kimono Flowers print.

The Naked and Famous "Skinny Guy" Stretch Corduroys are made with a soft corduroy fabric that has a bit of stretch making them incredibly comfortable. That, plus the nice fit make them a great addition to your fall wardrobe. These are in burgundy and you can expect some Amber colored stretch corduroys to arrive in the near future in "Skinny Guy" and "Super Skinny Guy".

Naked and Famous "Skinny Guy" 11oz Stretch Corduroy in Burgundy.
98% cotton 2% elastane, made in Canada. Sizes 28-36. $138
For more information click here

The Naked and Famous "Slim Shirt" 6oz Kimono Flowers shirt is part of a series that began spring/summer 2014 inspired by traditional kimono patterns. This is the first of the series in a "Slim Shirt" fit which has darts along the back allowing for an overall slimmer silhouette compared to the "Regular Shirt". Also, it features a vibrant floral print made up of simple graphic flowers.

Naked and Famous "Slim Shirt" 6oz Kimono Flowers.
100% cotton, made in Canada. Sizes S-L. $128
For more information click here
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where are all the fit pics of the newest collab?!?1

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Got a pair of JB406s, it's got a nice weird guy like fit that's good for people with big thighs who still want a strong taper. Love the texture and construction. Thanks Kevin and Jay!




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Vermilyea Pelle "Wenatchee Belt" in Natural Vegetable Tanned Horse Hide. 100% Horween tanned leather, made in USA. Sizes 30-38. $85. For more information, click here.

I've been thinking about these really hard the last few weeks, anyone picked one up? I'd love to see a photo in the wild so to speak, or with a little bit of patina.
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I have been considering one as well

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