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Looks good, slim but definetly fits you
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my bom006 broke my samsung galaxy s4 today!

put my phone in the back pocket after i used it, 2 minutes later received a text so i took it out, it wouldnt  illuminate. Cracks all over the screen.

must have been the leather straps:fence:

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"So how did you break your phone again?"

"You see, I just bought this jeans made in Japan.."
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This story might just merit fit pics to understand just how tight these jeans are. peepwall[1].gif
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He has fit pics a few posts back.  I dont see how the leather would cause the phone to crack :puzzled:


I'm guessing you sat down after it was in your back pocket?  Either way, I think we can conclude BOM006>S4

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These ones are not even that tight,, out of the box they are still looser than my jeans I have been wearing the last month.

The thing with the bom006 is the battle stripes are actually sewn in, rather than painted on, .....you can actually feel them in the pocket.

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I don't think the leather could break a phone...
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The leather is very thin, not thick or rigid at all. I'd say maybe the fact that the leather strips have no give might have been the case, but the denim does give a whole lot either.
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Naked & Famous Ducks have taken a new turn for this season: Now offered in a rich indigo color. The duck canvas fabric has been one of the most popular that Naked & Famous ever worked with, and we're excited to finally have more options. The duck canvas is a great weight for wear any time of the year, with the indigo being slightly heavier than the brown at 11oz. Its a great compliment to any wardrobe, and a good change of pace from denim and chinos. Right now only the Skinny Guy fit is available, but we expect the Weird Guy by the first week of October.

Naked & Famous "Skinny Guy" 11oz selvedge duck in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in Canada. Sizes 28-34, 36. $145. For more information on the Naked & Famous skinny guy selvedge duck in indigo, click here.

Red and white accent selvedge fabric made on vintage shuttle looms in Japan.
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Originally Posted by El Argentino View Post

This story might just merit fit pics to understand just how tight these jeans are. peepwall[1].gif
4 posts up from yours?
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Originally Posted by Winston S. View Post

4 posts up from yours?

Yep. Was looking at it on my phone w/ different pagination, and didn't care to notice it was the same poster from earlier.
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Jay, how does the fit of JP0406 compare to NF weird guy? How much stretch can be expected from the 0406, compared to NF denim?
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Canada Goose's first shipment to Seattle has arrived with the Granby Vest. These sleek and stylish vests are even more comfortable than we expected, not to mention hands down the best fit on a vest we've ever seen. While we introduced Canada Goose in an earlier blog post we'd like to give you an idea of what they're all about. Canada Goose produces the top-of-line cold weather outerwear, quite literally the best quality in the world. If you're doing research in Antarctica you're handed one of their coats right off the boat. Of course, we're not carrying the sub-zero certified jackets, but instead their new Branta line, a premium fashion branch. The pieces we will carry from Canada Goose have the same world-class quality and design, but with an amazing modern fit.

The Granby Vest is an astounding light weight vest that is warm enough to be a standalone piece, but also light enough to layer when the weather gets seriously cold. Because of the high quality goose down the jacket is very puffy and soft, providing a sturdy yet comfortable feeling. The piece is perfect for both practical use and the modern wardrobe.

The vest features a zip-up front with a storm flap secured by metal snaps. There are two lower out-side handwarmer pockets that are lined with fleece. Inside there is one zipper pocket, and one open pocket.

The lining is 100% nylon with a DWR finish. The free-hanging design makes for a clean and luxurious finish.

The vest makes use of YKK Japan zippers and metal snaps. The shell uses their Arctic-Tech fabric, which is 85% polyester and 15% cotton with a DWR finish, making a water-resistant surface.

Canada Goose Granby Vest. Shell 85% polyester, 15% cotton. Lining 100% nylon. Goose down interior. Made in Canada. Sizes X-Small-Large. $325. For more information on the Granby Vest, click here.
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That navy vest has my name on it

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Agree, Navy def looks sharp
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