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Hello everybody! Thank you for all of the kind words and all of your support. It is good to be back!!!

Fok mentioned a little bit about our showroom, but I would like to explain a little more. Earlier in 2009 we closed down our Brick & Mortar retail store in downtown Seattle called Atsui in order to focus more on our showroom. After we closed, many of our local Seattle customers, online customers, and friends here on SF pushed and urged us to continue with retail. Thus this spring we are officially launching "Blue Owl Workshop" which takes the name of our showroom "Blue Owl".

Our showroom is in downtown Bellevue, WA and we are not open to the general public...appointment only. Our focus continues to be much of the same that Atsui represented, which is the focus on quality fabrics and details crafted by artisans and with a primary focus on Japanese artisanship and up-and-coming Japanese designers. We hope you enjoy our collections!

I know many boutiques here offer a standard discount for SF members, but unfortunately a majority of our designers do not allow discounts. In stead of a formal discount, we will offer more frequent sales on exclusive products and items. I will be announcing an official re-opening sale shortly in another thread. Stay tuned!

Again, thank you so much for everyone's support!
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hey Jay. Good luck! Really am enjoying the kmw i purchased from you recently. looking forward to more cool things from BlueOwl!
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Over the past couple days we have had a lot of inquiries about hemming and repairs. We do both!

Hemming: Our hemming is done on a Union Special and we recreate (or in some cases improve) the exact hem using identical thread and thread color done by the manufacture/designer. Cost is $25 per denim and if you purchase denim at Blue Owl at full retail price, we hem for free. For those in the Seattle area, you can drop off at the showroom in Bellevue or we may be able to meet up in Seattle. For those outside of Seattle, you can ship them to the showroom and we ask that you cover the shipping both ways. We ship back via USPS Priority and provide tracking numbers and cost is $10 in US. Here is a link to our website with more information about the Union Special and hemming:

Repairs: We do not believe in recreating what the manufacture created when it comes to repairs, instead, we aim for a lived in look. Denim should show the characteristics of the owner, the wear-and-tear of everyday abuse, and become a living example of hard work. Depending upon the repair needed (location, weight of denim, color of denim, fade locations), we will use either a denim backing of similar weight and color or using a "facing" style backing which is strong white cloth and very soft and comfortable. We do not have structured pricing for repair work, it is basically by bid depending upon the work needed, but generally we charge $25. For instances if you needed a crotch repair and a little touch up to replace stitching around the waist band or pockets, we charge $25. If you are looking for more custom work, then we will need to discuss. Basically, take a couple pictures of what needs to be fixed and e-mail them to me and we will give a price. Here are a couple of repairs to give you an idea:

This is a personal pair of a Mr. Olive washed denim with a repair under the back right pocket:



This is another personal pair of a Mr. Olive washed denim (different pair from above). This model orginally had a damage area as part of the design (which was a great touch for this denim and looked great for about the first 8 months) that was right in the middle of the front right pocket which is where I carry my keys. After about 1 year of solid wear the hole grew and here are couple pics of the repair. This is by far my favorite denim and wore easily for 1 year after this repair job and it is holding tight.

Nudie Dry Cast Regular Ralph crotch repair.



Same Nudie Dry Cast Regular Ralph as above. This is a comple reconstruction of the hem. The repair job does not show it in the picture, but the denim used was dry cast Nudie denim and after a bit of wear it should blend pretty well.



Hemming and Repair work is not something we do to try to make money, this is something we do because we love denim and we want our customers to continue to enjoy some of their favorite pairs of denim for a while longer. The prices we charge are basically our cost in labor and materials to do the service and we try to keep the price as minimal as possible.
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For those who don't normally watch the SW&D-FS threads, I keep a thread there with sale items that are mostly samples from prior collections or deadstock items from our retail or from the designer/label. Currently there are some KMW items from the F/W 2009 and S/S 2009 collections. Sorry the raws are already sold through, but there are still a couple good washes. Watch this thread from time to time to find something good. Direct link is my signature and I just updated it and dropped prices on remaining items.
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So no physical storefront?
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Originally Posted by KitAkira View Post
So no physical storefront?

That's right! We are not open to the general public.
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I met Jay today - he's a great guy indeed

His stock is a sight to behold, and he was able to get me into something I like with just a couple of pairs he had me try on.

Very strongly recommend to all who are anywhere close to Seattle / Bellevue: try to set up an appointment, you'd be glad you did!
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Introducing Kicking Mule Workshop's Limited Edition Left Hand Twill 1980 Raw Selvedge in Indigo

Only 100 pairs are made and sizing of this run starts at 28. Inseams are extra long measuring at 35.5" which could shrink by maybe a 1/2". Sizing may look deceptive as the waist line measures a bit larger than normal, but expect a touch more shrinkage. Order your normal size (ie. if you normally wear a 31 in KMW, order a 31 in this model.) More details can be seen on our blog and website. Here are direct links:

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Welcome back comrade....
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Originally Posted by rocks View Post
Welcome back comrade....

Thanks...it's good to be back
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Update on new arrivals:

Mr. Olive: First S/S 2010 arrived and is online. We will be posting more details on the blog over the next couple days. Here is a link to Mr. Olive:
The denim looks amazing as always. The hoodies.....the colors are fantastic in person, but almost impossible to capture in photograph. The moss color is a light green mint, very refreshing and I highly recommend this piece. The dark gray is a great color as well. The construction is top notch and the fabric is light weight, yet very sturdy. This would be a great layering piece in early fall.

Triple Works: Delayed! About 1 more week!

Sunny Sports: First spring 2010 shipment in about 1-2 weeks.

Left Field: Yeah, this isn't our usual and is a US brand, but I fell in love with the chambrays. Shipment arrives in about 1-2 weeks.

Man of Moods: First shipment S/S 2010 literally just arrived. We will be taking photos and measurements over the next few days. Expect pics up by the weekend and details on the blog next week.

Hysteric: Late February.

I believe that is all we are expecting over the next couple weeks. Side note, I will be in Vegas next week for shows, primarily at Capsule. Those in town, drop me a line.
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I received my kmw denim from Jay early this past week. His service is fantastic. Very friendly.
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Glad to see you back.
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New MofM arrivals posted this weekend: http://www.blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB...chMode=IMGONLY

We are really pleased with the quality and materials used in this collections. MofM seams to keep improving season after season.
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I gotta say the fabric on those new MofM jackets looks pretty sweet....

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