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Blue Owl Workshop - official affiliate thread

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As you all know, Jay Doughten closed his Atsui Tokyo store to focus on his showroom “Blue Owl”, which left a significant hole in the American retail scene. However, due to customer support, Jay has decided to re-open a retail location, combining it with the showroom, to form the Blue Owl Workshop, at www.blueowl.us. The Blue Owl Workshop will continue to focus on premium denim and Japanese artisanship. Some of the designers carried this spring include Mr. Olive, Man of Moods, Hysteric Glamour, Sunny Sports, Triple Works, KMW, Sugar Cane, and Johnbull. We are very happy to re-introduce Jay and the Blue Owl Workshop to all Styleforum members and readers. Enjoy, Fok.
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Congrats, good to have Jay back on the scene.
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It's in my city!
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Great to see these Japanese labels available so close to home.
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I wish Jay the best of luck. Hopefully with his help we'll have a surprise for you guys later this month.
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jay's been a great guy, with some rare stuff in stock that i've been hunting for months! in the past month i've already bought two things from him.
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Looking forward to the old brands and more Triple Works and Johnbull!
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Awww yeah. Finally able to get some japanese brands without all the hassle
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I've updated my bookmarks. All the best!
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Finally yes A regular KMW source, the rockers are going to be my next denim choice, pick one up with a slub indigo T Also, you guys are champs for doing international shipping for free over 200 USD. Champs.
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some johnbull
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Also I really want to buy this even though I know it is never going to work on me: http://blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB_Bri...il&SKU=9900170
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This is beautiful.
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Jay was great to deal with - do not hesitate to give him your business
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^ Was looking at that earlier as well. Beautiful piece.
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