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Our Legacy Fall/Winter 2010

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Our Legacy lookbook. Text by Pete Anderson Photos by Albert Thomas and Dan Chaparian. Over a handful of seasons, Our Legacy has been putting out small lines of sportswear with a heritage/prep backbone but a European heart. The results could have been retro pastiche, but instead they've been tasteful and youthful. According to Richardos Rosen, one-third of the Swedish duo behind Our Legacy, we may have their parents to thank. They look mostly to older men's clothes, interpreting dad's style for his grown kids. Decked out in an Our Legacy corduroy shirt and a baseball cap, Richardos looked quintessentially American himself as he walked me through some pieces the line is putting out for next fall. Richardos talks shop; I listen. It's not surprising that Our Legacy appeals to me--the brand is subtitled 1980-81 for the birth years of its founders, and I'm a 1980 guy myself. Other things about 1980 that appeal to me: Phillies World Championships and Bowie's Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). According to Richardos they get a lot of confusion about when the brand started (2005). Fall/winter 2010 continues where fall/winter 2009 left off--rustic sweaters, plaid sport shirts, sportjackets with a nontraditional cut (slim, high buttoning point--A.P.C.-ish), some surprising touches (pleats!), and strong value. Mike from Epaulet in Brooklyn tries out a patch pocket navy blazer. Construction seemed solid. Sweater and tartan shirt--doesn't get more classic than that. The Our Legacy guys have cited abstract-expressionist artists and authors as design muses for previous seasons, and the unfussy put-togetherness of midcentury artists is apparent in their stuff. I read into next fall's collection a smattering of hippie Americana. Printed denim, yet wearable outside of the local organic coop. My pick of the collection. Suede ropers. A knit jacket--totally thrift-store-appropriate. Our Legacy does most of its manufacturing in Portugal, which Richardos said keeps their costs down. The cost increase associated with a made-in-Italy or Japan label can be steep, and there doesn't seem to be a dropoff in quality with the lines that take advantage of lower-cost EU manufacturing. OL doesn't skimp on details--like the leather braid loop for hanging this hooded wool coat. Polka dots were all over at (capsule), but Our Legacy was the only line that printed them over stripes. The Our Legacy collection at (capsule) featured a lot of heavily washed fabrics, adding to the thrift-store-find feel of their stuff. Their clothes seem to fit a niche of heritage basics--absolutely wearable, but with more character and design sense than J. Crew. A good number of pieces were distressed with a natural effect--this sweatshirt looks sunbleached, softening the solid black. Tartan shirts--Our Legacy's plaids were not particularly surprising, but also not cookie-cutter common. Our Legacy offers two shirt styles--a flannel style shirt with a straight collar and boxier fit, and a slightly dressier style with a third collar button and slimmer cut. A basic brown boot--shoes are made in Portugal, increasingly a good-value source of good-looking, good-value shoes. Two dominant trends for 2010--polka dots and big Irish heads. Our Legacy is trying to keep a tight rein on distribution. There may be more stockists for fall/winter 2010, but you can definitely find their stuff at Tres Bien and Odin.
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I would eat two bunnies for that lookbook. You think they'd send one if I sent them a nice email?

I dont like what I see so far compared to FW09, but everything still looks good.
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I like the look of the knits and washed sweaters. Hopefully some more pictures turn up soon
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As you can probably see from the crowded racks, Our Legacy was one of the most complete collections there. A TON of stuff from them. We got pics of most of what stood out to us, but there's a lot more to the collection than you see here.
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this looks immaculate, i'm going to learn my lesson from this past season and buy outerwear the second it gets delivered, i messed up in f/w 09 looks great, thanks for the pictures and updates guys.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post
As you can probably see from the crowded racks, Our Legacy was one of the most complete collections there. A TON of stuff from them. We got pics of most of what stood out to us, but there's a lot more to the collection than you see here.
Not just that but it was definitely one of the most affordable collections at the show. Rather surprising given the fit and materials.
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that is probably what i like most about our legacy, they always have really good staples that are really affordable, and their plaids and other prints are always really nicely selected. i'm still upset i missed out on the forest green oxford last fall also, damn
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I've gotten several OL pieces over the last year or so and have not regretted a one. Great quality, unique yet classic ... Can't wait till the Fall/Winter 2010 items hit the stores.

P.S. to shoreman1782 -- THANK YOU for the great report
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Appreciate posting this up. Had no luck getting a response from the main OL site about S/S 10 and really looking forward to stores getting the new stuff. I also would like to know if it's possible to get hold of the look books.
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I need to get that knit jacket.....
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post
I need to get that knit jacket.....

Agreed, anyone seen it for sale anywhere yet?
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It's F/W, you're pushing your luck there!
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Can anyone comment on the sizing of Our Legacy's knit sweaters? Looking at buying the point sweater but I'm not sure if I need a size M or L. I generally need a 21" pit to pit... Oi Polloi lists the medium with a 20" p2p and the large with a 21" p2p but I'm not sure how accurate this is as I read somewhere on here that someone with a 44" chest found the L to be too big. Any help is appreciated!
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the legacy is good
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