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I have emailed both Wolverine and the online business from which I purchased the boots.


Here are pictures of the defects. I think these are beyond what is acceptable in any boot that has been worn for a matter of hours, ESPECIALLY one marketed as a premium boot at a 400 dollar plus price tag.






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Have you treated them with something?
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Originally Posted by cbfn View Post

Have you treated them with something?

Like acid? Or a big dog?
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I wouldn't blame Wolverine on that, necessarily. Depending on who your online merchant is, it may be that they are the kind of person who would sell known-defects as first quality (there are people on eBay who do that). Basically, you have two possibilities, since Wolverine isn't really obligated to help you on this (since it's not a warranty issue, it's an initial quality issue). The online merchant should give you a refund or an exchange. If they refuse, contact your credit card company, who should protect you for this transaction.

I'd be curious, if you PM me, who the retailer is. I can probably give you an idea of whether they are reputable or not.
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Originally Posted by OzzyJones View Post

Like acid? Or a big dog?

Had to be! But if you look, the leather looks like crap.
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Looks like its supposed to be distressed looking. I'm distressed looking at it anyway
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Looks dry to me. Unfortunately they could be dry rotted as well.
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It's claimed to be Horween Predator leather. It is very waxy and pretty soft. It has what I would call a pretty extreme pull-up. This from Horween:


<quote author="horween">Predator is a waxed and tumbled full grain leather. The wax used on the leather is burnishable and will wear very well over time. This is a chrome tanned leather with a heavy vegetable retannage.</quote>


As for this NOT being a warranty issue, that sounds unreasonable to me.


IMO, Wolverine should not allow boots out of the factory if the stitching isn't even properly, well... stitched. You have to control your reputation, and allowing retailers to sell your defective boots without them being clearly marketed as such is just bad business.


On my screen right now, there's an advertisement for this online retailer. Maybe why my mention of it got censored previously. Or it might just be a result of cookies placed on my machine when I went back to that site to complain.


Either way, the retailer has not returned my email yet, but wolverine did within minutes, asked for more detail, and then told me that they would get back to me with an authorization for a warranty inspection.

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Okay, so because of the retailer you bought the boots from, you didn't pay anywhere near list price for them. And they did not pay standard retailer price for them when they got them to sell to you. The retailer wasn't STP, for the record, but it's another one that sells at huge discounts and doesn't always sell first-quality stuff. They have been accused of being scummy (this other retailer, not STP which has excellent customer service though not always great quality control). Now, those shoes have never even been sold as seconds, and if the retailer didn't label them properly as seconds, well, then they are scummy.

But it would be unfair to Wolverine to have them give you a pair of first quality shoes when they didn't get paid for first quality shoes and you didn't pay for first quality. After knowing where you got them, I'll reiterate that all that is warranted in this situation is that the retailer give you a proper pair of boots from their inventory (if they have any) or a full refund (not just credit). If they won't, the credit card company will.

Wolverine really shouldn't get involved unless you bought these from someone who paid *them* full retailer price, though they might have too good a customer service team to let it go.
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I disagree.


If the boots are not up to wolverine standards, then they should not leave the wolverine factory with wolverine branding on them. CERTAINLY not with a written agreement that the reseller MUST market them as seconds or factory rejects.


I'll never buy from this retailer again, and certainly don't want store credit from them. They have a FAQ on their website that claims that they get such great prices because they have exclusive deals with the manufacturers to purchase specific items, and they don't place their order until the customer places their order with them. This, IMO, is a clear attempt to mislead away from the natural suspicion that the merchandise is defective.


I don't know what wolverine got paid for these boots from this retailer, and frankly, I don't care. That is not my concern.  If wolverine is willing to sell what they know are crap quality boots to be resold to the public, then they STILL should stand behind them when they start falling apart, as mine are already. ESPECIALLY if they allow a retailer to sell them without advertising them as factory second quality. If they are unwilling to stand behind their work, then they should not let substandard work exit their factory.


I just received a warranty return form from Wolverine. I'll send them my boots, and if they replace them, that's great, and I'll likely buy another pair someday in another color or style. If they don't, I'm out 200 dollar,(1/2 price), plus the shipping cost,  and I'll never buy another product by Wolverine or anyone associated with them, simple as that.


Even if, best case scenario for me, wolverine sends me a brand new pair of boots, it will cost them material and labor. I don't know how much that is, but I can reasonably assume it's significantly less than retail cost for the boots, and they will have gained a pretty loyal customer. I can think of worse ways to spend advertising dollars, as currently my impression of their merchandise is that it is garbage, based on the one pair that I own, regardless of cost or retailer.



Interesting update: I just got an RMA from the internet seller, with an agreement to not charge me shipping on the return, or a restocking fee, and to refund my credit card. So, I guess I'll be leaving Wolverine out of this after all. Though, If I was working at Wolverine, I would WANT the chance to show a disappointed customer that my company DOES make superior quality boots. As it is now, I'll just return them to the online shop and probably never buy another pair of Wolverines again.

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Is there a reason that we can't know who this retailer is?

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Apply Topy or Vibram sole maybe.
Originally Posted by malaysian View Post

Just recently bought a pair of 1000 mile boots for winter in nyc and was wondering, do I need to apply anything to the boots during winter?

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Since I'm a legitimate first quality dealer of these boots I would like to know who it is as well.

200 bucks for a 450 buck retail boot? This in and of itself didn't tip you off that something isn't quite right here? From what I'm seeing you bought these boots from someone who is not a legit dealer and is selling 2nds. If anything your bitch should be with the seller and not with the brand.
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You received some boots that were deeply discounted, they had some defects, and now it sounds like both the retailer and Wolverine are willing to take care of all your issues. Chill out. My first pair of 1000 Miles (full price) had a defect, and I was taken care of. I've purchased multiple pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes, sometimes at full price, that had to be replaced. These things happen sometimes.

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The problem here is with the retailer and not Wolverine. If they're seconds Wolverine will pretty much tell you tough luck. Only BNIB first quality boots have a warranty.
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