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Originally Posted by revivaler View Post

Still waiting for confirmation for the order, so maybe I'll have my friend Elaine call for me... 

Love the reply, one of the best shows ever...but not to be picky I believe the quote is by Jackie 'Chiles'; and originally Sidra.

You are right!! My phone did the darn auto correct.
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I recently bought a pair of tan 9 1/2 addison boots online and have a ten in the regular wolverine. The part where the tongue is sewn together with the boot is super tight on my feet, leaving imprints after 30 minutes, where on the other pair they are nice an loose. the 10s in the regular are a little long so I went down a half size. ]


Soooo is there any way to fix this, say by stretching or is that gonna be a big problem no matter what ? 

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So you like how one pair fits, but don't like how the smaller pair fits?  I suppose you should wear the larger pair.

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Yeah but the difference between the tightness between the 10 and the 9.5 is pretty big. The regular 1000 mile don't push on the top of my foot much at all, where the 9.5 Addison is pushing lots to the top of the foot but the but length is better than the 10. This is where the tongue is stitched to the boot, and I am just unsure of that area stretching due to the stitching there. 

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It sounds like the part that is bothering is where the tongue is connected to the shoe - by the laces. That could be cut and removed by a cobbler. However, your tongue wouldn't be connected to the side of the shoe - this could also hamper some waterproofness too.

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Originally Posted by spacemanvt View Post

cheers for that
ordered a pair of the cortlands for 50+20 for shipping(ouch)

the lady said they only 12s and 13s left now icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Just checked with the store - they seem to be sold out of all sizes. Thanks for the heads up, though!
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Possibly I misunderstand what the problem is but can't you just loosen the laces or is it like that even when unlaced. When I first got my pair I had a tough time getting my foot because of tightness in the top tounge area. That stopped after a couple wears and now they slip on easily. Also think it had to do with how grippy the fresh leather was on my socks
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I took the laces out of the boot. The spot I am talking about is where you first put the laces at the end of the tongue. Even with out laces and thin socks it is tight. My other pair stretched out but I am wondering how the stitching will stretch. Think I am gonna take it to a cobbler and ask if they can stretch it out, The reason I ask if it will stretch is because they are brand new and unworn, and I got them for $300, so I believe I could easily sell them in Canada for that at least and just buy another pair. 

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Make sure the end of the vamp isn't folding over when you put your foot in.  

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it is doubled up but on the vamp and seems really bulgy on these. that whole part seems super tight, but my toes and that area of the foot has tons of room. I can rotate my circles easily in the toe area. 

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Get a 10 and adjust with insole or sock thickness. After a good amount of walking your feet are going to swell and the fit will be even tighter.
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Ok, I'm done with this piece of crap Sierra Trading Post sale of so-called "seconds." More like thirds, or fourths. It's ridiculous that they're selling these for ~250. I've now gone through 3 separate pair, each worse than the last. What a waste of time (Crane's was right) -- Here's the latest junker they sent

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Those are awful and shouldn't have ever left the factory. They should either be junked or given to charity etc... the fact that STP can't do some due diligence and checking them out concerns me.

They've kind of gone down hill a bit since they were bought by TJX.
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It seems hit and miss with STP. After you factor in time and return shipping for three pairs it swiftly becomes a false economy.
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I've been polishing my 1000 miles with collonil leather conditioner & am getting these black marks on the toe...





Can anyone recommend how to treat & get rid of these??

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