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Thats odd, im a 11.5-12 normally and the 12s were perfect for me, maybe i just have high archs and wide feet.


Anyways, i was putting it off and finally started to sno seal the W1ks, i looked at cranes method.  Not sure if i goofed, but i didnt heat the sno seal first, just rubbed it on to the boot, put a fair amount on the seams.


And then the pain started, i swear i was using the blow dryer on them for a good hr.  It was soaking some of it, but not all, and left alot of extra, which i wipes and brushed off.  Is this normal ?

Ill take some pics when i get home, but its hard to tell.  Also while brushing, i noticed the stitching is fraying on the front of the boot, odd, i never noticed that before.


When you guys are heating the sno seal on the boot, how much of it gets absorbed into the leather, and how much is left over ?


It was my first time, so maybe i just did it wrong, if thats even possible.

You cant really tell the difference with the after shot, mind you ive only worn them a few times before this.

Left one is sealed.



This pic gives you a better idea of the finish on the show, after wiping it down, and brushing it.



And so begins the 2nd boot, if i hadnt seen cranes pics, i would be worried.


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It takes a fair amount of heat. Slow circular motion over small spots, The snoseal will melt and begin to soak in. When the pores of the leather open up it'll literally drink in the snoseal. Once you see this happen you'll know how much heat you need to apply. It takes me about 15 minutes to snoseal my boots but I've been doing it forever. It's also normal that they'll feel very waxy after the treatment. It'll tone down after you wear them a while. Water brushing a week or so after the treatment also helps with the waxy residue.
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Thanks Crane, thats what i was thinking, it never drinks ALL the snoseal it seems.


So far this is how its looking.



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Ya, basically thats what i did, but there was a fair amount of it still left in liquid form, and i had to wipe that off, before it dried again.

This is how it looked during the blow drying process:



End result:


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Sure, I'll ask...why does Wolverine recommend MPB?

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Originally Posted by MarioImpemba View Post

Kiwi, water and brushing.

Sounds good. I ended up just doing my normal routine shoe care for my calf skins on it:

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More heat and it would have sucked it all up.

My guess as to why they recommend it goes back to good old corporate wheeling and dealing. They probably contacted a few people about a repackaged product deal and as part of the deal they end up being a recommendation. It's good PR and marketing.
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Originally Posted by acousticfoodie View Post

Sounds good. I ended up just doing my normal routine shoe care for my calf skins on it:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Looks great; better than out-of-the-box for sure.

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Would Crane's method work well for AE Bayfield boots? They're also CXL. I have been using the AE Aqua-Care Shoe Cream (no longer sold) which they used to recommend for it. I'm thinking Crane's method would be far more effective at waterproofing them and making them last long. I already have Lexol leather cleaner, Filson boot oil, and Obenauf's LP on the way for some Wolverine 1k miles.

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What the...

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Oh OK, all goes back to this blog:




Same seller also has the top strap ones.



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Mario, uhhhh ummmm not sure what to make of this. At best and I mean at best, these could be salesman/line samples for Spring 2013. I would avoid like the plague.
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Originally Posted by nomed View Post

Filson did a colab with wolverine.

I'm well aware of that. I handled the boots in person months before HB had a clue. I saw many of the shoes/boots listed on that blog Mario linked to as well. I also know that the colors are typically different on the samples versus the production run. You aren't going to buy a green Rowan from us or anyone else for the time being.
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Just curious about Wolverine fans. It seems in a lot of other shoe maker threads any amount of uneven creasing between shoes or excessive creasing in a shoe is met with screams of "defective!" "unacceptable!" "return!" Yet in here, excessive creasing seems to be a badge of honor in some ways. In just the past month the pictures below were all posted by new boot owners with some of them inquiring about excessive creases in their 1K boots and the follow up responses were usually to not worry about it or it's normal/great looking/good representation of the randomness of life etc etc.

What gives most of you Wolverine fans this more relaxed perspective compared to a lot of other posters? Is it cause most of you use your boots for rougher work or something? It's a nice welcome change!
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[quote name="stefanl

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