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With some work they do clean up but I don't want to HAVE to work at it all the time. The Beckman and 1K are two different animals in my mind. I wore the Wolverine 744's to the RW store on Saturday to get fitted and order my Beckman's. Both the SA and sales manager wanted to know more about them, they were impressed with them.




Want to get the Vibram Raptor half soles added but they are so damn comfortable I don't want to send them off and be without them. And I have a lot of boots but these have to be one of if not the most comfortable that I own.


I'm not big on shell, but those are stunning boots!

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Looks like you might be miss using those AE Bayfields. They weren't made for deep woods hunting or the sorts. 

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Miss use a pair of boots made of CXL?! Isn't that blasphemy to some people LOL. They are not dress boots although I do own a number of those including the AE walnut shell Daltons which I am wearing today. I do know the difference....


One poster on SF used his Bayfield's in Alaska hiking. And on the AE site a reviewer said he shoveled horse shit out of the barn and trailer all day then brushed them off and went to dinner that evening with no ill effect. They do fit extremely well. But the CXL is more work than it is worth IMO.

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I gave my pair of 1k's 2 coats of Obenauf's leather oil and 2 coats of LP this weekend. I took before/after shots and even between what I remember of the before and after and looking at the pictures, they aren't noticeably darker. I'm kinda disappointed, actually - I was hoping to darken them a bit.

Still loving them, though. I wore some Clarks DB's to the bar this weekend since I didn't want to scuff up my 1k's and all I could think of was how awful they were; this was my first quality footwear purchase and I'm glad I made it.
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Gave my Black pair of W1K's one coat of LP's last night, and they look nice. Obviously the color didn’t change, and I only went 1 coat since I highly doubt they’ll see snow here in L.A. or really too much rain, but the boots do seem to have a different look/texture to them now.

Just picked up a pair of Brown W1K's from Cranes and am going to give them the same treatment tonight. Question, with any residual LP oil, do you guys just wipe it clean with a rag? When I did my blacks last night, an overwhelming majority of the oil took to the boots, but there were some spots/streaks that remained so I just wiped it down.
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Yep. Just wipe off excess with a rag
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Yep. Just wipe off excess with a rag

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Got my brown 1K's from Cranes and applied a good coat of Montana Pitch Blend. Can't wait to wear these.. like jarude, my Clark DBs have been my only boot so I can finally stop wearing those for the time being :)

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will Crane's be having any black friday events?  Hopefully on tan addisons which happen to be in stock?

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Well we deal all the time. It's common knowledge that we'll do our best to match prices as long as we're matching legitimate entities and not some liquidator or seconds to first quality kind of malarkey. I'm only going to shelve a few pairs of boots at any one time but we can get anything in the line in a matter of a few days.
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So here's my latest inventory. I have the original 1K in brown in the following sizes and counts. 1 pair in 9D, 3 pairs in 10D, and 1 pair in 10.5D. In rust I have one pair of 9.5D. I'm also bringing in a couple more of the messengers in olive.

You know the drill if you're interested....
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do the 1000 mile boots come in size 6 or 6.5? everywhere i;ve looked online, the smallest size seems to be 7

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do the 1000 mile boots come in size 6 or 6.5? everywhere i;ve looked online, the smallest size seems to be 7

Nope, not in men's sizes at least.
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just go with 7 if that`s your brannock size. It isn`t bad at all if you go tts esp. if you wear wool socks
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Did I read that the US made 1000 mile series are made by Allen Edmonds?

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