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I used to go to a used bookstore across from the old Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Took a tour of Trenton State Pen inJersey about 20 years ago. Have also been in the Camden and Salem County jails a bunch of times. Jail is not a nice place. Here an entertaining/disturbing book on the subject:

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I visited, and corresponded with, someone I knew who was in prison for a while, but I've never been in myself. It's one of those streaks I'm hoping to keep alive.
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No, but have been to visit relatives who were in prison.
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I taught EAR/CPR and overdose prevention/management in both youth and medium security prisons in Australia, for a while. Oh and I provided a similar class to the screws at max security a couple times - they were actually pretty cool people and not at all like the stereotypes.
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Originally Posted by crazyquik View Post
I don't see Nantucket as having a lot of hardened criminals.
I spent two days in jail in my youth. One in Palm Beach, the other in Atherton, CA.
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99% of the time people in jail are just trying to do their time, mind their own biz and get out. There are always a few bad apples, but it's not like the movies.
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they tried, but my lawyer is too good
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Originally Posted by iammatt View Post
I spent two days in jail in my youth. One in Palm Beach, the other in Atherton, CA.

comparatively speaking, i bet those are some nice prisons.
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I did and didn't even get to pass go and get $200.
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Spent a night in Houston PD jail a about 3-4 years ago. I was the first one bailed out out of about 200 people in there. I was bailed out right before they started processing people to go to Harris County jail. Once you get into county, you're in for at least another 24 hours and you get the orange jumpsuit. City jail you can still wear your own clothes.
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As an undergrad I worked a crappy job that got a good portion of their labor from the prisoners that had daily work release.

They had to be back in county by a certain time each day otherwise they were in serious trouble. Their normal ride got in a minor car accident one day, so they begged me to drive them back to county.

Not very exciting.
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I go to prison at least two or three times a month.

Side note - I had a conversation with a guard at the local county prison recently. The prisoners were given a special treat over Christmas. An ice cream sandwich. That's right, the one bright spot in an year of incarceration was a single ice cream sandwich as donated by some local charity do-gooder group. I can't imagine my life being so empty and devoid of enjoyment as to anxiously await the one day per year I could enjoy the sweet-sweet deliciousness of an ice cream sandwich. It actually got me a little sad.
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In my previous life I was kind of a wannabe and kicked it with some dumbasses who were bigger wannabes. Landed me in real jail (as a minor) for a day when i was 17 for being associated with driving a car. That wasn't mine, or my friend's. Or anyone we knew. Interestingly during the same period I found myslef in the Drunk tank twice only because I didn't have any ID on me and they couldn't call my mommy to pick me up. Managed to get this all done before I turned 21 and have not had over one drink in a sitting since. me no mixy good with alkeehol. (I'm sure I'd be fine now to have a few, but I just decided I don't need it in my life and do fine w/o it
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I only visited someone in jail once, he was in for drugs trafficking. He was a friend of my parents and was caught in Denmark. So when I was about 8 or 9 we went to visit hem in his cell in Denmark and after that my parents took me and my brother to Legoland. Very cool stuff.
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I've been to jail a bunch of times, but never as an inmate.
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