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What was the first suit you ever owned?

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Lets hear what everyone's first suit was. I know everyone didn't start out buying RLPL and Kiton suits. Mine was a Brandini which was a suit I bought in high school from Foley's. It was a May Company house brand suit. It was a cheaper suit but was made in Canada. Looking back on it the suit was a size too big and the sleeves where a bit long. I tried it on recently and thought boy this thing fits really bad. One thing positive is I still wear the pants. They are pretty nice.
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My mom made my first suit when I was in 5th grade. It was tan colored and made of a polyester knit.

I needed a suit for Junior Assembly where Mrs. Elliot taught the little socialite kids of Tucson about manners and how to ballroom dance.
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Have no idea. Was probably about 1967. I was probably about 6. Had a nice plaid sports jacket earlier than that. Don't know anything about them. I wasn't actually checking labels.
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From a store called L&S Prep Store or K&S Prep Store or something like that. House brand. Made in the USA.

I still have it. It's probably somewhere around a Boys size 10 or 12. I got a lot of wear out of it though.
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I had a money suit by GANT in 7th grade....needless to say I was the cock of the walk!!
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It was a hand me down from my brother. I wore it to my graduation from the 5th grade. It was a 3-piece navy blue suit. I loved the vest. I wore no tie because dad said i didn't need one but he wore a tie. Suit was polyester
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38 Short Ralph Lauren Navy Herringbone Suit. I still have it, ten years later. Amazingly, it still fits.
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Never needed anything more than the khaki/navy blazer combo until a high school event. I think I even had one MTM from a local tailor, but definitely didn't appreciate it at the time.

Then when I got to college I managed to snag it on a bush hanging over the sidewalk, tearing a monster chunk out of the pants. Was never the same.
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Well, my first suit was a sailor suit, complete with bib and ribboned hat - I suppose I was two or so. Very "Christopher Robin".

The earliest suit I *remember* was a plaid suit (with shorts) which I wore at Easter and the like - I was 3 or 4? I must admit, shamefacedly, that I wore a clip-on tie with it. That suit is linked with my earliest memory of sartorial preference - I liked wearing my red knee socks with it.

I actually had quite a variety of sportcoats and suits growing up; I have a kindergarten photo in which I'm wearing a brown corduroy sportcoat (the wale looks huge on a five year old) and a white turtleneck... very 1971!

I think my first "proper" suit was probably the suit I wore for First Communion; it was a little navy 2-button with long pants (yay!)... though, again, a clip-on tie. I was seven, I think.

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I was a big fan of the zipper tie, myself.
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Brooks Brothers sack suit in navy.
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mine was likely from berlington coat factory, and thus fairly terrible. It was a dark solid grey, a plus, but it was also double breasted.....and I was a freshman in high school. No doubt ill fitting as well.

At least I can say I've never had a clip-on tie.
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1977. I was 16. My dad bought me a med. grey 3 pc. suit, shirt & tie by Pierre Cardin,
which I owned for about 12 years before it wouldn't fit anymore but was still like new.
He chose the suit/shirt/tie for me. I chose the shoes, which were a joke; can't remember the make,
but they were platform shoes that went out of 'style' 6 months after he bought them for me.
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I think mine was Geoffrey Beene sometime around 1996 or so when I was doing debate in high school
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No clue what the brand was, but I think my parents got it at the same place they got my school uniforms clothes.

I don't remember much about the suit, but I do remember getting blisters from the horrible shoes.
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