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Originally Posted by kiLLscaLLion View Post
The leather bends and cracks easily, it's stiff, and overall quality of the leather is disappointing.

I own three pairs of their shoes, but the belts have been disappointing.

Interesting as I actually made a comment to my fiance that my new AE belt was so much softer than I am used to (most of my belts are from Coach which are stiff as hell)
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where can I find belts to match my new shoes - AE Byron in Chilli? Any websites / ebay stores? Thanks
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Originally Posted by Osprey Guy View Post
I hear you.... Their belt quality is inconsistent. It helps if you get to handle them in person prior to buying. I've seen/handled AE belts that are only fair at best...and others that are rather nice. I'm a big fan of Martin Dingman belts. I own around 100+ belts. Of the last 30 that I've purchased...about 20 of them are Dingmans. They make lots of different flavors. Most retail from $115 to $225. Their "exotics" are more... With the 'gators being closer to $400-500. Dennis
No more belt purchases needed. Everyone on this thread could just borrow "Osprey Guy"'s belts. This is a community site right?
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I have 2 dress belts and 2 ribbon belts. The ribbon are ralph lauren and the leather ones are a brown prada one on a silver buckle and the other is a redish brown brooks brothers on a gold buckle. I have a MTM london tan briddle leather casual belt coming in the mail in a few days.
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The last two belts I've bought have been from 'The Regent Belt Company' - nice quality English made belts that are un-flashly.
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