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Are dress belts meant to be polished?
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Originally Posted by misterjase View Post
what do people prefer so far as material for buckle is concerned?

everything sterling. No brushed aluminum or zinc. IF I can afford a 2K suit, I can afford a 500 belt that will last 3x the suit. Belts are hard to wear out, so buy a good one.
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This is probably my favorite that I have...

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Originally Posted by suited View Post
This is probably my favorite that I have...

I hope that "G" is your initial, and not merely to advertise Gucci!
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Here's my take on belts and buckles for what it's worth. The nicest buckles are either sterling silver or gold. You can purchase a nice sterling silver buckle for something on the order of $150 or so. Solid gold will, of course, cost many times that. A thick gold plating on a base metal or over sterling (giving you vermeil) would be pretty nice too. If these are too expensive (and they are for most of us), nicely-finished silver- or gold-tone will do.

I get all my belts one size too large. I then go to my cobbler and have him cut them down to exactly the right length to allow me to use the middle hole to fasten it. I have him put two snap closures on it, allowing the two leather keepers to be at the right locations, rather than stitching it after resizing. The whole process costs me about $15. This allows me to use one really nice silver-finished buckle and one really nice gold-finished buckle with all my belts (of a particular width), to allow me to match metals to my other jewelry, shoe buckles (on monk shoes), watch case, etc., and to have just the right belt color for my shoes. I have dress belts in widths of 1 1/8", 1 3/16" (30 mm.), and 1 1/4" and thus have high-end buckles in both silver and gold in each of those widths. I don't go any wider than 1 1/4" with dress belts, as they'd look a little off for my height (6 feet even). When purchasing belts, this allows me to concentrate entirely on the strap and not worry about the buckle (or purchasing just the strap, as is possible from some sellers) when trying to get good color and texture matches for my shoes and outfits.
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I just picked up a new dress belt (my new dog chewed up my old Coach one). I got an Allen Edmonds belt from Nordstroms and love it. It is a little wider than most (1.5" compared to 1.25") which I like. Nice, simple silver buckle. When my current black belt wears out I'll be replacing it with a black AE.

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don't know how you guys can stand the double loop. i really hate it.
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Originally Posted by effang View Post
double loop
AKA keepers.
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Originally Posted by Tomasso View Post
AKA keepers.

You're on a roll today. Not selling your alligator belt anymore?
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Allen Edmonds belts are not of the best quality...
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Originally Posted by kiLLscaLLion View Post
Allen Edmonds belts are not of the best quality...

Pardon my ignorance, but what are their specific deficiencies?
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The leather bends and cracks easily, it's stiff, and overall quality of the leather is disappointing.

I own three pairs of their shoes, but the belts have been disappointing.
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but the belts have been disappointing.
I hear you.... Their belt quality is inconsistent. It helps if you get to handle them in person prior to buying. I've seen/handled AE belts that are only fair at best...and others that are rather nice. I'm a big fan of Martin Dingman belts. I own around 100+ belts. Of the last 30 that I've purchased...about 20 of them are Dingmans. They make lots of different flavors. Most retail from $115 to $225. Their "exotics" are more... With the 'gators being closer to $400-500. Dennis
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Originally Posted by Osprey Guy View Post
I own around 100+ belts.
That is phenomenal. I applaud you. I own 1, soon to be 3.
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I have 2 Allen Edmonds dress belts. I got them on closeout, so the price was right.
The quality is passable. but nothing exciting.
again, I would only buy them on clearance.
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