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How to join the Posse

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"Don't bring that weak-ass bear shit up into my humpty-bumpty."
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That bear will never live it down in its own posse. Gives a whole new meaning to "pussy whipped."
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Cats rule.
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And I thought *my* cat was a badass. Christ. That cat is one bad motherfucker. I want video, dammit. Another thought: over/under on how long it takes before this cat is, in some way, featured on The Colbert Report?
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Bear Attack on set of Zombie Western:
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Badass cat:
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Bear Attack on set of Zombie Western:
"No, Ben, no!"
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Originally Posted by Lucky Strike
"I love the smell of Fresh Step in the morning!"

"Fido don't surf!"
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Bigger picture: man, that bear is WAY up there.
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i'd like to see that cat on this show:
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Originally Posted by RJman

So that cat is RJChat-Posse-worthy? But don't you think he'd be too strong to overwhelm and turn RJChat into his own Posse? Is that cat tailless?
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I was proud of my cat when he successfully took on a rottweiler (well, afterward, anyway).

But this is . . . transcendent.
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I once knew a cat that used to stalk deer. Cats simply have no idea they're not lions or tigers. They're oblivious of the fact that they're relatively small creatures.
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Felines are super-predators, meaning that they can defeat any other animal their size or smaller. Their have been records of tigers taking down elephants.
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