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I've been wearing regular 514s (non selvedge) for years. I recently picked up a pair of selvedge ones for a great price and like them so much that I did a video on them:

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After searching thru quite a few cuts and being frustrated with no other low rise raw/selvedge being available in a 36" inseam at sane price points, I found the levis 514.
Perfect low rise, and perfect hip/thigh fit at first, not too skinny or tapered in the leg either. Wish i would've been able to cop the true selvedge, but the "raw headbanger rigid" are a good dark/raw color, and an absolute steal at their retail price.

My question is, a 33/36 at the NYC Levis store, they fit perfect at first, but they're already stretching out around the waist, and they don't offer a 32/36, or much less 32/38 or 32/40. I'm 6'4" with long legs, so I actually need the inseam, but would love getting a 38 or 40 to get stacks.

Question is, do any Levis heads know which cut is very close to the 514, preferrably in Levis or any other brand of denim that offers 36" or 38"/40" inseams, in a classic/tasteful dark rigid/raw/selvedge color ?
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Hey guys, I have 3 pair of 514 selvedge size 33 waist /34 length for sale.  Brand new with tags sold for cost.  


$65 each.  Let me know as these are sold out and are not even sold any longer.  I bought 5 pair and wanna keep 2.  Thanks.

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I'm looking to try and find out the closest currently available 514s to the ones I've been rocking for a few years. Mine are style 04514-0215

They are a raw/rigid selvedge denim with brass rivets and redline stitching. I don't see anything remotely like that on the Levis website. In fact -- I see very little "premium" denim on their website. Any thoughts/tips?
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