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Originally Posted by bundestaag View Post
so youre saying that this denim wont shrink after soaking?
I tried them on and they felt great, only theyre not as stiff as other "premium" but the fit just a bit big, especially in the leg opening, i thought i can get it like how i wanted by soaking them before wearing them..
so this wont work eh? please someone respond before i buy them.. thanks guys

I can't say for certain since I decided to pass on this one for now but below is your answer about the shrinkage:

Originally Posted by BlueWord View Post
Yeah, I'm pretty certain these aren't raw, they weren't stiff enough. Mine shrunk slightly from washing, but the leg opening continues to be too big for my liking. The 514 cut, in general is a little bit too loose from the knee down, I hope Levi's puts it through a revision at some point (and lengthens the rise!).
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yea thanksss guys
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Edit: I'm new to this, so I can't tell what I'm doing correctly or incorrectly trying to post these.

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^How did you size them? They look pretty tight, I believe they are suppose to be an anti-fit.
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^Hey, they posted! These are size 29, and I'd normally get size 30. This was my second day time wearing them, and they've already stretched a good amount, so I'm thinking this is probably the right size if I want to be able to wear them without a belt. Also, these are 514s, which Levi's calls a slim straight fit; I believe it's the 501s that are supposed to be a boxier anti-fit.
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Jeans' fit look great. I'd cuff 'em, but that's me.
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Originally Posted by Biggie_Robs View Post
Jeans' fit look great. I'd cuff 'em, but that's me.

Thanks! It'll be a few more days before I'm ok with wearing them out of the house, but I'm starting to like them already. 514s are a solid cut, and I'm glad Levi's started making them in more accommodating sizes and using selvage denim.

I'm still debating cuffs. I kind of like the length without them, but I also wouldn't mind cuffing them. They actually come cuffed at about 1" when you buy them, or at least the pair I got did.
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Where did you get them for 62?

Originally Posted by wqvong View Post
Hey guys,

Just got these in for 62.00$. Not bad, a little loose in the thigh area, but overall what I expected for Levis 514 cut.

I just tuck in the excess length, I'm 30 inseam.
Fit pics:

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Originally Posted by notsure2505 View Post
Where did you get them for 62?

All 514's were 30% off in the Levi's store last week. I got them for $68.60. Not all 514's were on sale on their website however. The person I spoke to in the store said they do not match the web prices, I am not sure if the web site will match their store pricing. I haven't checked to see if the sale is still going on.
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Anybody see these: Levi's is having a 40% sale items... sale. It doesn't say whether they're the same Japanese denim as the ones mentioned here though, so I'm a bit leery of buying.
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I snagged a pair of these for $40 on eBay. They're my first pair of selvedge jeans, so I really can't compare them to anything in terms of quality.

The feel and sturdiness of the fabric is definitely superior to that of my 501s. It manages to be similar in weight while feeling thinner.

The fit is only slightly slimmer up on top than the 501, but it goes down nice and slim, so when I cuff them, they're about half as wide as my 501s.

Pretty ok for a first post I think? :>
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Quick note to add to this thread. I picked up two pairs of 514 raw denim from the downtown Seattle Levi's store for 35$ each. They wanted 100$ for the super dark wash but the ones I have are slightly more grey and quite dark still...definitely a better buy at a third of the price.
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I'd strongly recommend these. Good quality + good price. I'm wearing them now.
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anyone know where i can pick up a pair of these now?
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