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Another Jantzen Post

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Hi guys - I thought that I'd better post something to say that I tried out an order from Jantzen in March which I ordered online and then I received my first email from Ricky in May and I received my shirt today. The shirt is a perfect fit no problems with the sleeve length and I especially told them to get the circumference of my wrist right and they did - fantastic! I am very impressed. I told Ricky that I will get another dozen shirts from him ASAP. I must be lucky. Go Jantzen all the way!!! Any advise on their suit making skills???
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Glad to hear that you had a positive experience. I would love to see photos of this "perfect" first order. I'm sure some folks here might describe it otherwise.

As long as you're happy with it...
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Have you laundered the shirt yet?

Remember, shirts shrink! 2-3 launderings should do the trick. You should also post a couple of pictures. What you think is perfect may just be better then what you have had in the past!

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I also got my shirt yesterday. It was my first order. I ordered on April 27. I like the shirt a lot. The fit of the body is almost perfect. The sleve length is perfect too. When I lay my arms at my side they hit my wrist exactly, with no extra fabric bunching up. Is it suppose to fit like that, or are you suppose to have some extra fabric so when you lift your arms the cuffs don't ride up? It makes me a little self concious. I'm not sure about posting pictures. Do we really need another Jantzen thread?
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Originally Posted by kcgreg
Any advise on their suit making skills???

I just posted some pics of a suit they did for me. I was pretty impressed. Especially for the price. I do, however, have to work out some sort of mechanism for gettting fabric swatches from them for re-orders...
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And so is my March 29th 4 shirter.
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