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Originally Posted by acecow View Post
Plain better. And I'm not sure why k4lnamja says the girls are hotter here... I found NY girls to be better looking, smarter and much-much better dressed. LA is a fucking land of Uggs and sweat pants. Welcome to sartorial hell, my friend. Also, bars and restaurants are nothing compared to NY and they close at 1:30. You can never walk anywhere, only drive, so forget about social drinking outside your house. But hey, the ocean's here... I'm thankful for that pretty much once every two years that I go to the beach.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
It's really not that bad. There's a lot of cool things to do. But the East to West Coast is like France to Estonia in the EU.

Should've rephrased that.

I like NY women 100x better than LA women. Why? personality and looks. I like their "look" better than LA's. What I meant by hotter was LA women are physically in better shape (dont make me prove this b/c I will). Plus, men tend to like women who wear makeup/get "done" up. That is LA.

I particularly like women who don't need all of that.

Anyway, Ace is right about the bars and he is also right about the beach. Then again, how the heck do you live in socal and not go to the beach is beyond me. I'm there at least 20x in the summer. Running, swimming, bbq's, volleyball . . .
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Originally Posted by k4lnamja View Post
I love LA and I hate LA.

Love = hot girls in all sorts of colors, beautiful weather pretty much year long, many places to go and do things, excellent variety of food, and nightlife is pretty good.

Agree with ya. LA's a love hate thing. I've spent time living in LA, SF and NY...and you can't beat so cal chicks. It's something about the weather, they just look better on the whole out here. Sure NY's got the occasional unbelievably hot model, but there's like 50 trolls to make up for that one hot chick.

I spent time after college living and working out in NY. It was a helluva lot of fun - a crapload of blacking out and general fucking around - but all in all, west coast life is a better way of life. There ain't no more soul in manhattan. That place is a yuppie cesspool of homogeneity. NY's fun but there are better long term options.
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Maybe I should hang out at the beach more, because I'm not seeing what you guys are seeing. I went to SMC and UCLA and, honestly, can't remember seeing many pretty girls there. Unless you count the dumb blond sorority types as hot. (i don't)
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Well, gents, maybe I'll have the best of both worlds, 'cause my NYC girlfriend is moving with me.

At the worst, it's a change, and I can head back to Nude England and get back to making maple syrup when my four years are up. And hey, it looks like I can lay off the decent clothes. Know where I can get one of them sweatsuits?
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Either way, get in touch once you move to LA. Maybe we can grab a beer somewhere.
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Originally Posted by acecow View Post
Either way, get in touch once you move to LA. Maybe we can grab a beer somewhere.

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I finally got in the car and drove down to Eddies. I took a couple pairs of jeans I want slimmed. @ pairs of khakis I need the waist taken in on. Plus one I also want slimmed. And a shirt I had what I thought was slimmed but was still too "baggy" and really didn't fit properly. Eddie was really cool and helpful in the measuring. I learned something right away talking with him about the fit of the shirt. Since I'd had the shirt worked on before, I was thinking I'd just have darts put in (and I was thinking cheap). Eddie pointed out the flaw in that theory. And when he showed the "look" once he pinned the shirt I figured the $20 was well worth the experiment. We'll see. Overall just the fact I learned something about fit made the trip to him well worth the $68 total for everything. I'll report back once I get the articles from him.
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I got my clothing back from Eddie's today. I'm more than pleased. I finally feel like I understand what tailoring can do to the fit of clothing. The pants I had tapered are perfect. Where I had the waist taken on my pants are snug but comfortable (I'm back in the gym as of yesterday morning). The shirt I had done fits like it made for me now.

I've spent money over the past 6 months on other tailors but I'm most happy going here. I especially like the way he talks through finding the right fit with you.

Now would I take a high end suit or sports jacket here? No. But only because he doesn't do the work himself. I'd go to an "artist" for that. But for the everyday and middle of the road things. This is the place for me.
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Originally Posted by Jenaimarr View Post

I've been going to Georges for a few years now.

He's done the whole spectrum of things for me like pants hemming, shortening jacket sleeves (both from the sleeve end as well as from the shoulder due to working buttonholes), jacket shortening, taking in the waist/back, as well as creating pants side adjusters (button) from the extra fabric from hemming.

He's pretty meticulous about his alterations too as he always gets rid of that little wrinkle of jacket material below the back of the collar. I'm not sure if this is tailored or pressed out, but my suits are always very clean across the back after tailoring.

He's always done good work and prices are in line with other proper tailors in the area.

I've been going to George since 2006 and he is fantastic. At first he was a little hesitant to make things as slim as I like, but now that he knows my style everything comes out perfectly. No complaints at all.

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Oh, and here are some examples of what George charges me:


Basic suit jacket alterations: $60-65

Trouser waist alteration: $20

Trouser hemming: $10

Shirt tapering (incl sleeves): $20-30

Shirt darting: $5-10

Suit jacket shoulder narrowing: $90


He'll also do odd stuff like tie narrowing or closing a suit vent that's too high, etc.

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Any recent updates for this? I love my tailor but he charges too much for taking in the sides/darts/sleeves, with $25 for sleeves, 20 for sides and 20 for darts usually. Any good experiences at slightly better prices?
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I'm confused. Where is George? Is that the name of his shop?

I've used Rose at Luba Tailoring on Beverly Blvd., near Kings Road. She does good work.

Has anyone been to Enrico Caruso in SM?
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Originally Posted by Xenos View Post

I'm confused. Where is George? Is that the name of his shop?
I've used Rose at Luba Tailoring on Beverly Blvd., near Kings Road. She does good work.
Has anyone been to Enrico Caruso in SM?

Is that guy related to the real Caruso? biggrin.gif

George's is the name of the shop. I might check him out. I used to have 2 tailors, one for low-mid range items (Lizon in culver city) and one for high end items (First Class in santa monica).

1. Lizon is great in most cases and I haven't had any real problems with him. I don't really want to bring higher end items here though b/c the store is kind of beat up and it makes me nervous that he told me my burberry prorsum coat had a black label b/c it is a "first" edition similar to how nike shoes have black labels on first editions, which was also why it didn't have plaid lining like most burberry coats (since it was an unfinished "first" edition). Regardless, all the work I've had him do has been good. I'm only looking for a new tailor for my shirts b/c he charges 25 for sleeves, 20 to take in the sides, and 20 for darts. That is too much, considering I have about 30 shirts I still need altered. I was hoping to find a more affordable option.

2. First Class used to be good a couple years ago but my recent jobs with them have been complete disasters (see my review on yelp). I suspect they are outsourcing now or don't give a crap anymore b/c they have so many customers. They also charge ridiculously high prices, which I was okay with before b/c they did good work but now their work is sub-par. I would stay far far away from here.

- To give you an idea, my messed up RLBL sportcoat that I posted about was done by them for $95 (they took in the back, but after that there was a permanent neck roll and the waist was only minimally suppressed --- when I brought it back, they claimed it was not their fault and that it just needed to be pressed). $95 is pretty high for just taking in the back, especially when done incorrectly. They didn't even offer to try to fix it. They told me I could have the back taken in more and have the rolls fixed, but it would cost me another $90. I ended up bringing it to Lizon, who took in the back properly and fixed the neck roll.

- I brought a burberry prorsum trench to them to shorten the sleeves. I realize moving the wriststrap holders (no idea what they are called) would potentially leave minor thread holes where they were previously. But in this case, it looked like they just ripped them off instead of removing them carefully, with fairly large holes all along where the straps had been originally. There were also a couple small gaping holes at the ends of the straps. I asked them about this and they blew me off again, saying there was no way around it b/c of moving the straps. The worst part was that the sleeve length after this crappy job wasn't even the correct length. When I told them it was too long, they told me to cinch up the wriststraps. I guess in retrospect I should have had the sleeves done from the shoulders but that also worries me and I'm sure they would have totally messed it up.

- Even for simply hemming pants, my last job with them the hems were all too long.
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Bringing up this thread as I need toget some Tom ford and band of outsiders suiting altered. Anybody you would trust to not mess up? I don't mind going back to NorCal and using franz
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Montalvo on Montana Has some of the best yelp reviews and service, they make custom shirts and suits in shop so re-cutting suits and fitting clothes isn't a problem. Been in Santa Monica for years, 17th and Montana
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