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Shopping in Frankfurt, Germany

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Hi guys,

I'm going to be in Germany for a few days from Wednesday, mostly based in Frankfurt - was wondering if you can recommend any good places to shop? Would be looking for good quality shirts, slacks, ties, maybe a nice jacket. Any particular brands or shops that I should look out for there that offer good value? Would love to find somewhere reasonably priced that would offer MTM shirts, but that's probably not likely. Thanks for your help!

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walk around the opera area, there are a number of very good stores in that area.
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Beware of hooligans, and pray that any of the stores are even open.
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SSShhhh, Frankfurt may have a Vass retailer.
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Best shop in Frankfurt is Möller & Schaar on Goethestrasse.
post #6 of 12 around the opera district

Sorry, it is only available in german.
post #7 of 12 Nice selection of Watanabe, Dries, Etro, Jil Sander etc. a 10 minutes walk from the opera.
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Stores will be closed only on Thursday (Feast of Corpus Christi). But due to the World Cup they will stay open until 12:00 pm on Saturday, at least the larger ones. Diehl & Diehl is an excellent, but tiny shop, so I don´t suppose you´ll be lucky here.
Moeller & Schaar indeed has high quality stuff, but the staff seems to feel a little holier - than - thou. Try Ulli Knecht just across the street; they stock some Alden shoes expressly made for them, very similar to Alden fan shoes.
If you´re on a budget, try Eckerle, Peek & Cloppenburg and Zara on the Zeil. Some nice bargains to be made there, because the seasonal sale is at its peak right now.
Hope that helps. Have a nice trip.
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If all this shopping has made you hungry, go to Große Bockenheimer Straße (parallel to the luxury Goethestraße).

This street is better known as "Fressgass" (Munchies Lane) as virtually all the shops there supply things edible (with facilities where you can snack right on the spot).
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Hi, i would like to suggest a little menswear store called Henry. It is just off the Große Bockenheimer Straße (GBS), in a little street called (i think) Kaiserhofstraße. They have a sale going on right now. You can find reduced Caruso suits and Borelli shirts there for example. Also off the GBS is an outlet of the aforemetioned Möller&Schaar of Goethestraße. Almost everything there is 50% off. But i cannot recall the name of the street, but it is on the same side of the GBS as Henrys.
Have a look at Diehl and Diehl, it is a real nice small shop. And, last but not least you should visit my friend Rainer Mark at Marks Schuhwerk, GBS Nr. 7.
He has pretty unique thoughts on the fitting of shoes and also has some nice C&Js on sale at the moment. Besides he stocks J.M. Weston.

Enjoy your stay in Germany, if there is time you should go to Wiesbaden (half hour by car), wich is one of the most beautyful cities in Germany
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I just spent a week in and around of Frankfurt, and can recommend Diehl & Diehl as well. I went there to see a particular C&J model, but there I found out that I'm too poor as they only sell the handgrade models They also had this _very_ nice Belvest sportcoat in the window..

However, the lady who assisted me was really friendly and told me where I could find the benchgrade C&J shoes in the city. Superb shop, I'll definitely go back after a few raises if I need to shop in Frankfurt again.
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