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Oxxford Radcliff 40R NWT

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I've just joined the Forum. I'm delighted to find a whole community of gentlemen who share my interest in, and love for, fine menswear. As I meander through some of the older posts, I am overwhelmed by the tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge of the members.

I'm a huge Oxxford fan, and have suits and sport coats in a variety of models. About a month ago, I bought a navy two-piece suit on eBay. It's the Radcliff model, with which I was previously unfamiliar. I should have done my home work, because if I had (including reading a thread here on this very suit), I would have realized that this model is not my style. It's a beautiful, elegant suit -- a blue tiny herringbone in Super 120s wool; three button; double vent, but it's cut a bit too slim for me. I'm more the Onwentsia, Manhattan, Gibbons type.

I believe you can still view the completed listing on eBay (item #7762908559). The suit still has the $3200 Bergdorf's price tag attached, along with the Oxxford tag, etc. I paid $760 for it. If I can recover close to that, I'll sell it. If not, I'll work with my tailor to loosen it up a bit, have some sleeve button holes cut, and enjoy it --even if it's not exactly my style.

Although I'm new here, feel free to check my eBay feedback, under 518aata.

If you are interested, please post here, or send me a PM. Thank you.
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I've been asked to provide measurements for this suit. I'm no expert at this, but I used Andrew Harris' tutorial to take them. Please let me know if you need additional information.

chest: 21 inches x 2
shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 19 inches
shoulder seam to end of sleeve: 25 inches
base of collar to hem: 31 inches
jacket waist: 20 inches x 2
trouser rise: 35.5 inches (unfinished)
trouser waist: 33 inches (7 inch drop)
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