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Alternative Apparel Wholesale 2010  

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After a year and a half, 40+ orders, and 200+ people who have purchased from me I am back and offering the service.
For the most part things remain the same, order on Fridays, deadline the night before, package and ship the next day after i receive the package.
However, a few things have changed so please read this first post.

Contact Info:

I try my best to be as helpful as i can
if you have a question about anything, feel free to ask through pm
or you can e-mail me at
I can usually get back to you within 24 hours but for the most part it's much quicker

Instead of an item by item pricing I decided to switch to a simpler method. That way if an item isn't listed then you can easily figure out how much it will be.
Some items went up, other down, and some stayed the same. Pricing goes as follows:
Retail Price $0-$35 = 30% off
Retail Price $36-$74 = 35% off
Retail Price $75-$125 = 40% off

Item Availability:
Unlike before where all items were available, some of the new spring items aren't available for wholesale.
Most of the non-wholesale have an "as" or "al" at the beginning of their product code. If you are unsure, just ask me and I will check for you.
Other than that, the next couple posts will show the prices for the men's collection and the accessories collection
pm me for items I don't show prices for and I'll will reply with a price if available
also, just a heads up..if you see a price on their site on sale, the best i can do is match it
the wholesale prices remain the same when they put items for sale on their site

-Check the thread, my signature, or pm/email me to figure out when the next order is (deadline is always the night before)
-Pm/email me a list of items you're interested in as well as your location so I can check stock and give you a complete quote
-I'll message you back with the availability and a complete breakdown of your order
-you send payment or I'll send you an invoice (whichever is easier)
-your order will be placed and I'll message you your shipping info as soon as it's available

US = $10 per order
International = $15 per order

Keep in mind that these are base prices, they can be adjusted one way or the other depending on your order if necessary.
For example, 3+ fleece items are going to cost a few extra dollars to ship whereas 1 t-shirt will not cost $10 to ship.

Turn around time:
If you're wondering turn around time,
my deadlines are usually on Thursday nights because i order on friday mornings
i get the items on the following Thursday (most of the time)
and i ship everything out on Friday (or the next business day)
I ship USPS (2-3 days in the US & 7-10 day internationally (not including customs))

if an item goes out of stock before the order is placed
i will refund you for the item and place the rest of your order
if you'd rather me cancel your whole order if an item goes out of stock,
let me know beforehand or i will proceed to order the rest

Drop shipments:
if you have a large order and don't want to wait until the order date, contact me and we can work something out
this only works for US customers and I'll usually charge $7-$10 extra and require a gift payment,
but I can have an order shipped directly to you from alternative and you can have it within 3 days of ordering
let me know if you need more details

No returns..
shipping charges (to me and back to alternative) as well as a restocking fee make it too much a hassle
sorry about that

Any other questions feel free to ask..
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Men's Collection AA05 Basic Crew \t $19.95 => $14 AA07 L/S Crew\t $28.00 => $20 AA141 Linen V-Neck Sweater\t $75.00 => $45 AA601 Poplin Button-Down \t $75.00 => $45 AA801 The Mash Field Jacket $100.00 => $60 AA803 The British Coat $125.00 => $75 AA1005 Backstage Tee\t $24.00 => $17 AA1032 The Basic V-neck \t $24.00 => $17 AA1040 The Mickey Contrast Stitch Tee \t $22.00 => $15 AA1042 Deep V Pocket Tee $28 => $20 AA1052 Acid Wash S/S Polo \t $38.00 => $25 AA1070 Tear-Away Tee \t $24.00 => $17 AA1075 Destroyed Tee\t $35.00 => $25 AA1075W Blackheart Tee \t $40.00 => $26 AA1085 Ocean Wash Tee\t $32.00 => $22 AA1088 Acid Wash Tee\t $32.00 => $22 AA1352 The Hooker L/S Rugby Shirt \t $60.00 => $39 AA1358 Shawl Collar L/S Pullover \t $60.00 => $39 AA1505 Tonal Stripe Crew\t $28.00 => $20 AA1932 Eco-Heather V-Neck\t $24.00 => $17 AA1952 The Berke Eco-Heather Urban Polo\t $40.00 => $26 AA1970 Eco L/S Zip-Up Hoodie\t $40.00 => $26 AA1972 Eco-Heather Ringer Tee \t $24.00 => $17 AA1973 Eco-Heather Crew\t $24.00 => $17 AA1980 Eco-Heather L/S Hoodie\t $38.00 => $25 AA1989 Eco-Heather ¾ Henley\t $35.00 => $25 AA2606 Burnout Tee\t $35.00 => $25 AA2606b2 Heather Burnout Tee\t $35.00 => $25 AA2607 L/S Burnout Raglan \t $40.00 => $26 AA2632 Burnout Deep V-neck w/Pocket \t $38.00 => $25 AA2632b2 Heather Burnout Deep V-neck w/Pocket \t $38.00 => $25 AA2632N Burnout Deep V-neck w/Pocket Neon \t $42.00 => $27 AA2640 The "Big League" Burnout Baseball Tee\t $40.00 => $26 AA2652 The Ian Burnout Leisure Shirt \t $50.00 => $33 AA3082 The "McQueen" 7/8 Eco-Vertigrain Crew\t $38.00 => $25 AA3090 The "Mr. Rogers" Eco-Vertigrain Cardigan\t $45.00 => $29 AA3092 The "Palmer" Eco-Vertigrain V-Neck Sweater\t $42.00 => $27 AA3292 Button-Up Vest \t $50.00 => $33 AA4056 The Miggy Tank $18 => $13 AA4101 The Palisades Pique Polo \t $50.00 => $33 AA4205 The Skinny Stripe Crew\t $35.00 => $25 AA4444 Men's Reversible L/S Henley \t $50.00 => $33 AA4482 Unisex 7/8 Reversible V-Notch Crew\t $48.00 => $31 AA4532 The Perfect V-Neck\t $35.00 => $25 AA4538 The Don L/S Henley\t $42.00 => $27 AA4540 Perfect Tee\t $35.00 => $25 AA4544 Coal Miner Henley\t $38.00 => $25 AA4547 The Perfect L/S Tee\t $38.00 => $25 AA4552 Noonan Golf Shirt\t $38.00 => $25 AA4580 The Metro Hoodie\t $42.00 => $27 AA4605 The Topanga Heather Burnout Crew \t $35.00 => $25 AA4610 Heather Burnout L/S Crew \t $40.00 => $26 AA4616 The Beachwood Heather Burnout Cut-Neck Ring $40.00 => $26 AA4632 The Echo Park Heather Burnout Deep V-Neck \t $38.00 => $25 AA4705 The Scrum Stripe Crew\t $35.00 => $25 AA4805 Dean Slub Crew \t $28.00 => $20 AA4810 The Wannabe Rocker Tee \t $32.00 => $22 AA4832 The Versailles Slub V-Neck \t $30.00 => $21 AA4847 Joey Slub L/S Crew \t $35.00 => $25 AA6005 Organic Basic Crew\t $28.00 => $20 AA6032 V-gan Organic V-Neck\t $28.00 => $20 AA6044 Men's Organic L/S Henley\t $42.00 => $27 AA8107 L/S Thermal\t $35.00 => $25 AA9055 The Cadet Fleece Button-Up Jacket \t $75.00 => $45 AA9057 Men's Café Racer \t $88.00 => $53 AA9089 Warm-Up Fleece Pant \t $60.00 => $39 AA9090 Warm-Up Track Jacket \t $65.00 => $42 AA9095 Men's Warm-Up Zip Hoodie \t $68.00 => $44 AA9575 The Champ L/S Raglan Fleece\t $40.00 => $26 AA9575O The Champ L/S Eco-Fleece Raglan Overdye \t $48.00 => $31 AA9585 The Gym Rat Fleece Crew\t $35.00 => $25 AA9587 The Costanza Eco-Fleece Gym Pant \t $50.00 => $33 AA9590 The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie\t $45.00 => $29 AA9590O The Rocky Zip-Up Fleece Hoodie Overdye \t $50.00 => $33 AA9595 The Hoodlum Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie \t $50.00 => $33 AA9595O The Hoodlum Eco-Fleece Pullover Hoodie Overdye $50.00 => $33
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Accessories Collection

AA7001 Headband $10.00 => $7
AA7005 Messenger Bag $42.00 => $27
AA7007 Pima Scarf $20.00 => $14
AA7008 The Carry-All Satchel $42.00 => $27
AA7009 Rugby Stripe Pima Scarf $22.00 => $15
AA7010 The Hulka Duffel Bag $75.00 => $45
AH70 Basic Chino Twill Cap $15.00 => $11
AH73 The Destroyed Fidel Cap $15.00 => $11
AH76 The Fidel $15.00 => $11
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First order of the year is scheduled for next friday, February 5th
making the deadline the night of February 4th, or 9 days from today
pm or email me to order
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first order of the year is one week from today
the deadline is the night before
that gives you 7 days left to order
pm/email me questions and orders
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5 days left to order
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3 days left until the first scheduled order of the year,

but 0 orders / 0 items so far..

pm or email me orders now or it will be canceled
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don't cancel! i placed an order.
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thanks to dzynr78 and a couple other members, the order is still on
2 days left for anyone else who would also like to get in on the order
pm or email me
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pm sent.
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Payment sent, thank you!
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last day to order

goes in tomorrow morning
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order had come in on Friday
i was planning on sending it out on Monday, but just realized it's a holiday and won't get a chance to do so until Tuesday

the next order is scheduled for the 19th
the deadline is this Thursday night
there's 5 days left to order
pm or email me
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orders went out today I'll pm you all your shipping info later today the next order is schedules for this Friday 3 days left to place/pay for an order
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2 days left to order
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