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Shoe covers

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Does anyone know where I can get a pair of shoe covers? At a shoe repair shop perhaps?
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Are you talking about little flannel bags? They usually come with new shoes for free. Or do you mean "condoms for shoes", rubber thingies to pull over your shoes in the rain? They are called "galoshes" and a search on google should come up with plenty of entries.
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From what I understand theose dust bags usually come with shoes of a high end quality such as certain Ferragamos, Guccis, etc. Also are you talking about spats or galoshes?
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I am talking about just regular dust cover bags, like the ones that came with my Bruno Maglis. I have a pair of Antonio Mauritzis that I want to get some dust covers for. I would think you could pick them up somewhere.
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yep, there is indeed a place: red flannel shoe bags,
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I know eBay sells them with various purposes. They have Vuitton, Hermes, Versace, and most every high end brand. I once saw a Berluti one too.
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You can get them here also:
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