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Ray Ban Wayfarer with Reflective Lenses

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I've been searching long and hard with no success. Where can I find Ray Ban Wayfarers with REFLECTIVE/MIRROR lenses?

Couple Examples:



Hopefully you guys can give me a hand!

Thanks everyone.
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Not a great starter post...
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Originally Posted by meister View Post
Not a great starter post...

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I don't know the answer but there was nothing wrong with the question.
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I've never seen Wayfarers with mirrored lenses. I'd guess they are not real Ray Bans but rather some type of wayfarer-style glasses.
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There is no such thing as a real ray ban wayfarer with reflective lenses. The photos with them above are not ray bans...
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Very simple to get Ray Bans with mirror lenses. Buy the standard pair, and have the lenses crafted specially. I have a pair--with blue Zeiss polarized reflective lenses. Get compliments all the time.
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Those don't appear to be Ray Bans. Plenty of companies make wayfarers, it wouldn't be hard to find one with mirrored lenses. I've seen some cheapo ones at gas stations and the like. Although EBugatti is correct in that it's not hard to get replacement lenses for nearly any pair of glasses.
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Thanks a bunch guys.
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Digging up an old post upon finding it on google.

CORRECTION!!: Yes, there are reflective AND mirrored lenses on Ray Ban Wayfarers, I have a pair of B&L Wayfarer with a reflective gradient (looks mirrored in most environments) B-15 Lens. I've also seen Wayfarers with mirrored (colored and noncolored) on the vintage sunglass websites.

I prefer the B&L glasses to the newer Luxotica Ray Bans, the lens seem to be of higher quality, and they just feel more solid.

That being said, it would be much much cheaper just to buy cheap China wayfarer knockoffs with the mirrored lens, but if you want real Ray Bans with Reflective/Mirrored, you might have to go B&L new old stock. Or if you just want the Ray Ban Logo and don't care about genuineness you can get branded knockoffs on ebay.
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Back in the b&l era there were many mirrored wayfarers...I had several pairs with several different mirror coatings...matte tortoise with orange mirror g-15 springs to mind....hideous really.
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