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What I meant was that I have never seen either of those jackets in person. Personally, I like the collar on the Cooper one more, but note that the pockets don't have side entry (in other words you won't be able to rest/warm your hands in the front pockets). The Schott jacket has "two way" pockets which I am pretty sure means you can stick your hands in them, which I would prefer. I'm sure they are both good quality jackets. It probably comes down to personal preference.

I don't care about side-entry pockets, just wich is the best between Cooper and Schott
And what about Flightsuit's?
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From what I have read the Flightsuits would be the best out of the three you have picked. Flightsuits gets pretty good reveiws on the flight jacket forums.

I would definately go with one of them.............if I couldn't get an Aero, Buzz Ricksons, Eastman...ect.
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I would go with the Schott, for one major reason. It doesn't have patches on it.

I would never wear something like that with all those unit patches that I haven't earned myself. Getting a flight jacket is fine, but adding all those patches just makes it look stupid, IMHO. It looks like it came from the set of "Top Gun", with all that junk on it.

But to each his own, so pick the one you like best.
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I have over a dozen Schott leather jackets and they are all high quality, though none are a G1.
If the G1 is a must, why not get a real vintage one. I have a collection of vintage cashmere overcoats and vicuna overcoats. Vintage has a special feel and character that can't be duplicated.
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