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Burgundy Shell Cordovans

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Hey all, What are your opinions on some (relatively) affordable shell cordovan styles that would go well with lightweight navy/charcoal suits? Keep in mind that I'm only 22 and I'm just starting my first job. I read that burgundy Norwegian bluchers are too casual for a suit so I'm trying to get some direction on what would be appropriate. Thanks in advance!
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Wingtips are always a great choice and guaranteed never to go out of style. Fellow SF members turned me on to these, which I purchased. They aren't exeptionally 'affordable' off sale, but you may be able to find a pair on eBay. If not these C&Js, look for a solid wingtip.
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Shell cordovan and lightweight suits (or the weather one wears them in) don't go together well.

The suggestion of wingtips is better.
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I think Allen Edmonds makes the most affordable shell cordovan shoe. I'd keep my eyes glued to Ebay for those and Aldens.
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Nearly all Allen-Edmonds and Alden shell cordovan laceups are rather massive affairs, frequently with double soles. For this reason I would second the opinion they are not very compatible with lightweight suiting fabrics. If that is going to be your customary business attire, I think you would be better served with calfskins.
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Burgundy Norwegian bluchers would not be the worse fashion sin with even a light weight suit. The "cigar" color would be better. Alden makes a nice cordovan dressy loafer that would go nicely with the lighter weight suit. It does not have the double thick sole like most of the lace up cordovan models. Brooks Brothers also sells the same shoe, and they never go on sale except for $50 off twice a year. Since you can have them rebulilt alomost forever, think of the $500 plus cost as an investment. I have some that are over ten years old!
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or these:

being the "lighter looking" Alden Shells are what I've worn this summer with "summer suits"
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