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Technical question - shirt stitching...

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I'd heard a few conflicting opinions on this, and I'd like to know what the board thinks... Not being a particularly tall guy, I've had an old favorite 100% cotton dress shirt shortened a little, so as to make it look better when worn untucked. The chest pocket, being of a stock-standard size (ie, too big), now looks a little unbalanced. So, my theory goes something like this: If I unpick all the stitching around the pocket, remove it, and wash the shirt, the holes should all disappear... right? Or am I totally wrong? I was under the impression that when a stitch is made, it pushes the cotton fibers apart, rather than breaking them, that's why piercing a shirt's collar with a collar pin leaves a hole which disappears when washed. Help me out here, someone? Thanks, Nick.
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i have actually done this for a totally different reason on an older shirt and no matter how many times i washed it, you could still tell there used to be a pocket sewn there
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Like with almost every question... it depends.  Depends on the type of cotton, type of needle used (big/small/sharp/blunt), type of stitching, etc. etc.  I've done exactly what you've described to an Ike Behar shirt (only it was a spot on the pocket that I couldn't get out) and the holes/pocket lines were still visible, even after multiple washings. Your idea sounds fine in theory, but in practice some fibres may be broken, pushed too far apart (then set in the "hole shape"), ripped when  you pull out the thread, etc. Another thing, if the shirt has been washed before, the part of the shirt that was previously underneath the pocket could be slightly darker than the rest of the shirt (it was protected by the pocket when washing), or the whole pocket area could be lighter if you were in the sun all day while wearing the shirt (again, this has happened to me - had a jacket with a patch on the shoulders, decided to remove them one day and what do you know... big dark spot.)
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