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Patent leather questions

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this might be more of a streetwear question but you guys know more about leather

I bought a pair of boots from Costume National off yoox a while ago. Inside the box was a little slip saying how to care for patent-leather (do not use oil or polish, etc). This confused me because, when I think patent leather, I think shiny/black/dressy shoes that ones wears once a year. These are green boots, and have a rather matte finish.

So my first question is, is this even patent leather or was there a screwup at the factory/yoox? How can I tell? the stickers and box just say 'leather'.

Second question, how do I care for these things if I can't polish or oil or spray them? are they waterproof as-is? Will they survive the great Canadian winter? I already have cedar boot-trees.

I did a search but didn't turn up much. these are the boots in case you were wondering.

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It's hard to tell from the picture, but it looks more like regular leather. I guess it could be a patent leather surface, though as you said patent is usually very glossy. The composition label of the shoe should tell you if they are leather or patent - under "upper" it will either say "man made" or "leather" etc., or may have a little outline of a hide, which is an icon for leather. I'm not sure what the similar icon for patent would be.

To clean patent leather, vinegar on a cloth is often recommended. There's not much care involved other than cleaning them if they get dirty. There are different ways to remove scuffs, but as the insert said, regular shoe polish isn't recommended.
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Quite sure those aren't patent.
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Yes I think the factory made a boo boo.
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here's a better picture the stickers just say leather everything, rubber sole. Is there any way to tell for sure? If I use mink oil and its patent leather, they're wrecked.. and if I don't use any waterproofer on them and they AREN'T patent leather, they're going to get destroyed quick. What if I put mink oil on one part and see if it darkens? I assume patent leather wouldn't darken...?
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Those are NOT patent leather.
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Cool boots. No, I don't think they are patent.
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Patent leather looks best on tall girls with a Teutonic accent.
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You like it the wet look?
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I got the last pair of these boots. I love them, but I seriously doubt they're going to survive a Chicago winter. The leather feels like paper. They're gorgeous, though.
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