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Jantzen linen?

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Does Jantzen make shirts in linen?
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I have a beautiful shirt from a linen I picked out when I was in the shop, Fine Linen #80 blue/black (it has that shimmer similar to thai silk)
It is more expensive than the standard cotton shirts.
I think about US$98.
I also liked Fine Linen #35 white

They probably have 20 different linen variations in the swatch book.
They also have some beautiful silk.

The simple answer is Go visit the shop. They have a lot more than they bother to put on the Web site. And they prefer to work with you in person.
stay in Hong Kong 3 days and you can take all your finished clothes home with you.
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US $98?? That is twice the price of his normal shirts. Seems very strange for a linen to cost that much.
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Has anyone been able to order linen shirtfs from Jantzen by mail?
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Ricky denies everything. No linen.
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He made me a linen shirt about two years ago. It cost $65. The linen was of OK quality, however the cut is amazing. I bet if you just sent him some fabric, he'd do it. I ordered by mail as well.
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