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Resources and Books on starting your own Business

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Hey All,

I'm embarking on a backpacking trip in a few weeks but when I return in August I will be starting a small business. Right now I'm conducting research into the market which I would be entering. When I return I will setting up a job shadow and "internship" with a few companies to educate myself about the environment I'm entering and how organizations of this type function. My question is are there any resources (books, organizations, websites) you guys could point me to for helping me get the business off the ground? I'm mainly looking for information on accounting basics, tax and hiring information and regulations.

I have previous experience with starting up non-profit organizations (in a university setting) and working in large corporate environments but very little experience in starting a small for-profit business. Any wisdom or lessons would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I am aware that most small businesses fail within the first few years of inception. But in my mind you can't be afraid to fail or you'll never suceed. Thanks for anything in advance.

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I'm not sure if Canada has a Small Business Association but I would use them or download from the US site alot of useful information. There is also a division called SCORE which is a voluteer group of retired executives that coach individuals. Fortunately my coach was a retired retailer which made understanding my endeavor that much easier for me.
I also downloaded information from American Express Open which has a Business plan guide that I found even more comprehensive than SBA.
My banker was of great assistance to me and forming a strong relationship there has been very helpful.
We are now about to celebrate year two and things look pretty good. We have played real smart about how we have done everything and will put off a new car for another year or two. I think thats were most get in trouble with overspending on things that are not important to the health of your cash flow.
Best luck to you and if you have any questions from a Bootstrapper, please feel free to call or pm me.

Best Regards,


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