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Resoling shoes

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I have a pair of thin sole Cole Haan loafers that are in need of some TLC. I've had these shoes since high school and they would benefit greatly from a resoling. How should I go about this process? Is it worthwhile to resole shoes that realistically retail for $150-175? (I've since "graduated" to wearing Bally, Ferragamo, Moreschi, etc.) Secondly, I know that Cole Haan offers a resoling service, but is it really worth the hassle? Otherwise, what are the shoes like (quality of the new sole, durability, etc)? Sorry for all of the slightly redundant questions...
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Whether or not it's worth to have your shoes resoled is a question only you can answer. If you send them back to the manufacturer you have a standard of material and craftsmanship that equals the shoes you bought in the first place. But it is relatively expensive (Alden charges $ 125 for a complete refurbishment job). Well worth spending on a $ 300+ pair, but questionable for a $ 150 pair. An independent shoe repairer will work out cheaper, but, unless you're familiar with his standard of work, there is the danger, that the shoes get butchered with inferior materials and/or poor craftsmanship. You pays your money, takes your choice. You might opt for a halfway house job and have a pair of rubber soles stuck on. I am usually not fond of these soles, but in a case like yours, where a top class job might be too expensive but the shoes are not yet ready for the bin, it night be just the solution.
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Try a local shoe repair person. I've had new leather soles and heels put on shoes for about $50. Very happy with the results. Your mileage may differ depending on the shoe repair shop, but I think it would be worth a try. Kai
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I think it's worth it if you really like the shoes. I have a pair of black Bally penny loafers with really supple leather and the soles wore out real quick. I took them to a local cobbler and she resoled them for $30. They aren't quite as comfortable as they were when new, but they are maybe an 8 when they used to be a 10. So well worth it.
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