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I too started with the Trad/Preppy look and have since evolved into other styles (but personally, I don't care for many of the Italian offerings). I still have my Trad moments, but agree there are better looks.

That said, everyone is entitled to his own look. I'd much rather see someone kitted out in a well-done Trad outfit than many of the contemporary looks out there. And Press does offer good value for money.

It's not your look; it's not most people's look. But why the hate for those whose look it is?

auto, is it a rebellion against your dad who was always at work or at the club, leaving mom at home getting tipsy on boxed chardonnay every day? The hazing at prep school? The disapproval of your teachers?

Originally Posted by auto90403
When I hear someone praise J. Press, I wanna reach for my gun.

I'm WASP/Prep. I grew up wearing some the ugliest clothes on the planet -- khaki pants, seersucker suits, Topsiders with tape to keep the sole from flapping. The whole sorry Prep spectacle. What didn't come from Brooks came from J. Press.

I'm sorry, but no matter how fashionable Biff-wear and Muffy-wear sometimes are -- the look seems to be making (yet) another comeback -- the clothes are textbook frumpy. Biff-wear makes every man look like a prep school English teacher.

Which is not my look at all.

And I can't imagine many of us here finding it attractive. Sure, Brooks and JPress deliver a good bang for the buck, quality-wise. But once you've worn Italian, -- why waste time and money shopping at J. Press?

OK -- they have nice socks. But that's it.
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Originally Posted by Jovan
I think everyone here needs to calm the fuck down. And stop trolling. Yes, I'm talking to the both of you.

PLEASE DO NOT CURSE AT ME I GAVE YOU NO DISRESPECT why are you disrespecting me with this language. I don't think that was necessary did you read the attacks on J PRESS by Auto? I don't know how he dresses but it's FINE BY ME I don't need to feel better about my life by attacking his style.
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Often times we overlook the conception of Style vs. Fashion. Fashion is what was is creation to be enjoyed by the masses and it had its basis originating from an era or a trend. Style on the other hand is something very personal to ones taste level and point of view. In our store you create the style of your choosing by selecting items that complement your present wardrobe or depart into a new look which pleases the style you want to emulate. The current trends overlap many eras of dressing and it is the wearers choice to sway from one side or the other or mix them intelligently. I often oogle over J. Press window displays and reflect back on what I call School Boy looks and try to interpret them into collections that have a more meaningfull impact for my current demographic. I suggest that the two individuals who have counter points of view do a little homework and discover what make our Fashion world go round. Read alittle P.G. Wodehouse or watch Charriots of Fire and feel for the fashion of the day. Embrace your own style and run with it because it gives you that pyscological stimulant that make you walk with you head high. But please do give us fellow SF members a break from your childish RANTS and take them somewhere else. We are interested in well thought out discussions that will help us embrace our own Style Challenges. Best Regards, Gary "VOTE" Please! 13 more days to vote!
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Look, I don't think old dover trad and I intended to start a flame war.

We were having a spirited but civil chat about J. Press. I did not say anything negative about him personally and he didn't attack me personally. Both of us confined ourselves to giving our opinions of the clothes and the clothes alone.

Which seems to gotten some other posters so riled up we had the makings of a nice old flame war.

Ok, some of my opinions regarding J Press were expressed in a too-flip a manner.

So let me clarify -- and I'm NOT attacking anyone personally here.

I think J. Press caters to men (to me, their customers are mainly white shoe lawyers and bankers) who care about dressing a certain way -- while not caring about clothes per se. It's for men who think about clothes only during the 2 or 3 times a year when they buy clothes. They want to know they're appropriately dressed in the morning as they head out to the office -- beyond that, they have no interest in clothes.

If I were the costume designer for the movie version of a Louis Auchincloss novel, I'd have J. Press dress all the actors. His novels are about that world, now dying, of people who own entire closets of clothes bought at J. Press.

The men I know who still wear J Press have been buying the exact same clothes for 40 years. They have no interest in how Paul Stuart or Ralph Lauren has updated the look. Savile Row -- waaaay too dandy-ish/foppish for them. As for Italian -- they'd tell you they don't want to look like a mobster or a giggolo.

On this site, we know how to wear Italian without looking like a mobster or a giggolo. We care passionately about clothes.

So I was a little surprised to find posters here feeling so passionately aobut J.Press.
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Auto I think you are one of the MOST CIVIL members on here thanks for respecting my opinion I don't need someone to love J.PRESS like I do for me to respect them that's not the kind of society I want to live in sounds like the former USSR to me. You can wear your Italian stuff and I'll wear my Brooks and J.Press and we can enjoy each other's company all the same that's what a free society is all about.
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