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Very nice Prada Sport leather jacket on eBay here

Despite the majority of the Prada Sport range being fairly uninspired sportswear, their leatherwork is beautiful.

I have a nearly identical jacket in brown. Lots of handwork, buttery soft nappa leather and spectacular fit (very much true-to-size). The piping is a seperate strip of leather which is sewn in between the panels.

Tempted to buy this one but lack of cashflow/imminent relocation to a subtropical country means it's not the right time for me. Thought someone here might appreciate it though.

Unlike 99% of the Prada items on eBay it appears to be genuine (Riri zippers, zig-zag stitching on labels, etc), and even at the BIN of £300 it's a bargain IMHO.

PS. Not affiliated with the seller in any way so can't vouch for them.